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May 2018 #2

Second update of May 2018. Enjoy! 1. Pookie is supposed to get up and use the toilet at night, despite the fact that she wears diapers to bed for protection. The rules are simple; if she wakes up with a … read more

Fiction & Stories

Failure to Launch Clinic

Overwhelmed, I walked into the high rise building ready for my first day of work. I finished college almost five years ago and I finally found the job I was looking for. After checking in at the front desk, I … read more

Photo Galleries

Cici’s Recorded Humiliation (Captioned)

You’re just having fun coloring and eating your lunch. The thick diaper you wear is a reminder of an easier time in life. Unfortunately for you, your sister knows your secret and has hidden a camera in your ‘nursery’. Your … read more

Behind the Scenes

Messy Diaper Trick

The Messy Diaper Trick I probably shouldn’t post this, because I know diaper girls that want to come see me will read it and learn the trick. However, it’s one of those things I think people would be interested in, … read more

Contest Submissions

Daycare Humiliation

I can trace my diaper fetish back to when I was 12 years old. My mother had just gotten a temporary job at my father’s work, helping do inventory and prepare for a move to a bigger warehouse. It was … read more

AB/DL eBooks

Diapered For Pay – Story Sample

The following is a sample of my book “Diapered For Pay”, which is available on Amazon. Click Here to Buy from Amazon! Chapter One – Looking for Work I awaken to the feeling of the sun on my face and … read more