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April 2016 #4

Six video clips for your perusal. Enjoy! 🙂

1. When Taylor wakes up with a wet diaper, Mommy makes her wear diapers during the day. This time, her diaper leaked, so she was put in an extra thick diaper with a stuffer. When Taylor’s adopted sister Alisha finds her writing lines on the board, she can’t help but tease her for the thick diaper that is clearly visible under the girl’s sweatpants.

2. Mia is locked in the pillory, waiting for Daddy to come in with the enema bag. She hasn’t messed her diaper in a couple days and Daddy is worried, so he gives her two quarts of water and pulls up her diaper. It doesn’t take long for it to kick in and she fills her diaper quite loudly.

3. Red is laying on the living room floor as she watches a movie and sucks on her thumb. As she sways her leg back and forth the diaper rubs ever so delicately against her clitoris, which she quickly supplements with her hand. Needing more, she reaches for the magic wand and brings herself to an intense orgasm.

4. Alisha is locked in the cage, wearing a thick princess diaper. She desperately needs to move her bowels, but it’s hard to find a comfortable position in the tight constraints of the small cage. After some struggling, she manages to find some relief as she fills her diaper. Now she just needs to find a comfortable position to rest that isn’t too gross.

5. Mia has been very naughty and gotten herself suspended from school for two weeks. So, Daddy decides she will be in diaper punishment the entire two weeks. When she tries to fight the diapering, he smacks her butt until she relents. When she threatens to remove the diaper when he leaves, he decides to put her in the straitjacket for bed to ensure she keeps her diaper on and uses them.

6. Sammy is dressed up cute in her silky pink dress, petticoat and thick diaper. She is feeling very little, so decides to color a picture for Daddy to thank him for treating her like the little she is.