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May 2016 #4

This week we have seven amazing videos for your enjoyment. We hope you enjoy watching them as much as we enjoyed shooting them. 🙂

1. From Mia: “Daddy and I went sightseeing in Seattle and he made sure I was thickly diapered under my short dress. Daddy filmed me when I was playing, knowing I would end up giving folks a peek at my diaper. We went to the museum and the ferris wheel. He even changed me in a public bathroom, which was really scary but hot at the same time. On our way home, we stopped at the grocery store for a few snacks and Daddy put me in the cart like a baby. Because my dress was so short, anyone looking could clearly see my diaper! When we got home, Daddy changed me again and put me to bed. It was an awesome day!”

2. Taylor is excited about a fancy night out with Daddy. She is doing her makeup, wearing her big girl panties when Daddy enters the room. He tells her he is worried she will soil herself while they are out, so a diaper is necessary. To make sure the diaper matches her sexy black dress, he decides to put her in a sexy black diaper. Not wanting to deal with smelly messes, he also opts to insert a butt plug which slides into her ass easily. After a healthy dose of powder, he tapes up the diaper tight and pulls her black dress over it. She is concerned others will notice the bulky diaper, but he assures her it looks great.

3. Red has finished cleaning the kitchen. After she tells Daddy that she has finished her task he gives her one more to complete – She must go make him a toasted peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Red is still wearing her sexy little apron, showing off her thick diaper for Daddy’s pleasure. She is a very good girl and happily makes Daddy his sandwich. Red even cleans up a few spots on the counter top that she missed earlier in the day.

4. Taylor is sitting in the high chair coloring while Daddy is busy. When her bladder aches for release, she relaxes and floods the diaper while the camera watches. Of course the warm wetness is quite the turn on, so she can’t help but rub herself through the diaper as well.

5. Mia is in full little mode as she plays with her toys in the crib. She is wearing her favorite Pampers shirt and a thick printed diaper with a stuffer. Daddy bought her some adorable wrist rattles that she adores, which is clearly one of the highlights of her play time. When her bladder is full, she just relaxes and wets her diaper like the baby she is at heart.

6. Sammy’s hands are cuffed behind her back after she refused to clean the mess she made in the nursery. Now she will have to clean without the use of her hands and the longer it takes her to finish the harsher her punishment will be. Perhaps that will teach her a lesson about doing as she’s told.

7. Mia is supposed to be doing her chores and cleaning the bathroom, but she gets sidetracked and begins to color on the shower walls with crayons instead. When Daddy catches her, he gives her a few swats on her diapered butt and a promise of more severe spanking at changing time. Then she is put to work scrubbing the crayon off the wall. Of course, being the petulant brat she can often be, she thinks it would be funny to run the shower into her diaper and swell it up huge, making Daddy deal with the massive diaper during her change.