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July 2016 #4

This week, we have six videos of your favorite diaper girls and three videos of diaper boys. Enjoy!

1. Taylor is still getting used to spending all her time in diapers. When her arousal builds to the point that she needs to masturbate, she tries her best to get off in her diaper. The problem is that David walks in and catches her. Disappointed in her chosen activity, he decides the best way to keep her from touching herself is by putting her in very thick diapers.

After being put into multiple diapers, Taylor waddles her way down the stairs and is greeted by David. He tells her he is off to work and reminds her to do her chores while he is gone. She immediately begins cleaning the living room, but after bumping into the arm of the couch while reaching for something, she realizes she has discovered a new way to masturbate. She simply straddles the arm of the couch and begins to hump back and forth until she has a massive orgasm. Taylor may have just discovered a new favorite way to masturbate.

2. Mia and Taylor have been caught smoking once again. Their daddies decide that punishment needs to be swift and severe, so both girls go over their laps for a hard spanking. Then it’s time for some diaper punishment as the girls are laid on the floor and put into thick diapers. Finally, their daddies dress them in footed superhero PJs for the evening and tell them to play nice as they tuck them both into the crib together.

3. Alisha and Taylor are in jail together. Alisha really needs to pee, but there is no toilet in the cell. The guard gave them adult diapers in case they needed them, but they have tried to avoid taking that step. However, it’s becoming harder and harder to hold it and they know what needs to happen. Both girls put on the diapers and Alisha immediately releases her bladder and soaks hers. Taylor follows suit before long.

Later that evening, Alisha feels like she needs to pass gas, but accidentally messes her diaper. She is humiliated at what she has done, but there is nothing she can do about it. Both girls try to avoid the smell, but there is only so far they can go. Taylor needs to move her bowels as well, but is holding it out of shame. Although, once Alisha is asleep, Taylor moves to the corner of the cell and fills her diaper in relative privacy.

4. Mia really misses her Daddy, so she shoots a video for him to watch showing that she is being a good girl and using her diapers like she is supposed to. Giving Daddy a good view, she releases her bladder and soaks her Little Pawz diaper. Then, she kneels in front of the crib and concentrates on pushing as she messes the diaper as well. Hopefully Daddy will be proud of her.

5. Taylor is being punished and has been bound to the ceiling hook with her hands behind her back and the rope running through the ring on her collar. She is gagged and her feet are locked in the stocks. The enema nozzle is buried deep in her ass, as she awaits her punishment. Finally, DaddyJ enters the room and releases the flow on the enema bag. The bag is higher than normal, to ensure a proper punishment. The added pressure causes Taylor to squeal into the gag as the water quickly fills her bowels and the cramps kick in quicker than ever. Of course, she must hold it for several minutes to ensure it is effective. When the nozzle is removed, Taylor loses control within moments and begins to fill the diaper with loud farts and brown liquid. By the time her colon is empty, her diaper is full and nasty. DaddyJ finally releases her and sends her off to do her chores before any diaper changes.

6. Mia is wearing a size 6 Pampers diaper, which fits her rather well. She is playing on the floor of the nursery as she waits for Daddy’s return home.

Three videos of diapered guys for your enjoyment.

1. Jason needs a lesson from Mistress Natalia, so she bends him over the table and pulls down his diaper. After a good, hard paddling she pulls on her strap-on harness with her latex cock jutting out. With a little bit of lube, she gets behind him and fucks him right in the ass.

2. When Alisha comes to check on Jessie, she finds that he has wet his training pants. This won’t do, so she takes him over her knee for a spanking and then puts him right back into proper diapers.

3. Bobby has seriously disappointed Mistress Natalia, so she bends him over the changing table and binds his wrists to the side. Then down comes his diaper so she can insert the large inflatable plug into his ass. Once it is sufficiently inflated, she uses the scary wooden paddle to blister his ass good.

July 2016 #1

This update is very special. I have included some of my favorite and longest videos, because July is full of birthdays for the Diapered Online crew! I hope you enjoy watching them as much as we enjoyed making them. 🙂 … read more