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September 2016 #4

This week, we have nine great videos featuring diaper discipline, punishment and regressed diaper girls for your enjoyment. As always, requests and feedback are welcome.

1. After hours of playing outside, Taylor is soaked and comes inside to ask for a diaper change. Daddy checks her diaper and realizes she is on the verge of a blowout. A simple diaper change is not enough and he sends her off to shower. As he removes the diaper in the bathroom, the heavily soaked diaper hits the floor with a thud. That’s what happens with five wettings and no diaper change.

After her shower, Taylor heads for the nursery where Daddy is waiting with a fresh diaper. He tells her they need to do some shopping, so he pulls a short dress over her diaper and they head out to the store. They walk up and down every aisle and he checks her diaper a couple times. She is already wet and before they are finished shopping Daddy has to take Taylor to the family restroom to change her.

On the way home, Taylor is exhausted and falls asleep in the back sleep. Daddy records here, because sleeping diaper girls are just so adorable.

2. Mia is laying on the floor of the nursery and decides to take a look at her videos online. She remembers how much she loved shooting them and watching them is just getting her aroused beyond belief. As she watches herself on the screen, being punished by Daddy, she begins to rub herself through her thick princess diaper. It’s not long before she brings herself to multiple intense orgasms.

3. Rainbow has just gotten home from a stressful day at work and desperately needs to unwind. She unzips her dress and takes it off, leaving just her underwear on. Rainbow grabs a pink diaper and a bottle of lotion off of the shelf. She sits on the bed and rubs lotion into her aching muscles before putting the diaper on. Once she is in a diaper, Rainbow instantly relaxes. She goes into the closet and returns with a pink onesie and a pair of plastic panties. After Rainbow is comfortable in her ABDL attire, she snuggles up with the caterpillar and takes a nap.

4. Mia really needs to pee, but she doesn’t want to sit in a wet diaper all day until Daddy gets home. She thinks she can carefully remove the diaper and sneak to the bathroom, then put it back on and Daddy will never notice. Unfortunately, Daddy came home early, just as Mia was in the bathroom. When she returns to the nursery, Daddy is sitting on her bed waiting for her. Over his knee she goes for a very severe spanking. In addition to putting her diaper back on, Daddy adds a second diaper to make it extra thick for the rest of the day.

5. Rainbow is brushing Taylor’s hair, but Taylor keeps complaining that the brush is pulling her hair. After telling her to stop fidgeting multiple times, Rainbow finally just pulls Taylor over her knee and uses the hairbrush on her butt.

6. Mia is wearing a size 6 baby diaper as she colors in the crib. This adorably tiny diaper girl certainly loves her baby diapers, which fit her surprisingly well.

7. Jessie and Red are having a play date, so they take turns diapering each other. Then they lay on the floor and color in their coloring books.

8. Ryan is bound to the bench, so Mistress Natalia can take care of business. He needs a good spanking, so she pulls down his diaper and shoves a plug right up his ass to make sure there are no accidents. Once plugged, she gives him a good paddling with her favorite leather paddle.

9. Bobby made a mess, so Mistress Natalia puts him into a thick diaper and then adds a collar and leash. After walking him around the nursery to see the mess he’s made, she gets him on his knees to scrub the floor.