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January 2017 #4

This week, we have six videos featuring some amazing diaper girls. Enjoy and keep sending in those ideas for future videos. 🙂

1. Alisha has been a brat all day, so Daddy pulls her over his lap for a spanking. After redding her butt, he strips off her pants and slides a diaper under her butt. To make sure she uses her diaper, he gives her a mini-enema before taping it up tight. Afterwards, it’s off to the corner to think about her behavior. She knows if she keeps her diaper clean, and demonstrates self-control, Daddy will let her out of diapers at the end of her time-out. The mini-enema is too strong, however, and she soon fills her diaper with a disgusting mess. That means she is going to spend significantly more time in diapers.

2. From Mia: I am soaked! In this clip I pick out my favourite diaper and lay out on the big changing table to swap nappies. After cleaning myself up I also notice my legs are pretty dry and apply some lotion. I love the cute footprint pattern on my big crinkly Rearz diaper and the feeling of being little.

3. When Taylor is lazy about doing her chores and whines about it, David takes her to the nursery. He pulls her over his lap for a thorough, butt-reddening spanking and then diapers her up in the most babyish diaper at hand. Next he marches her right down to the kitchen to wash the dishes and warns her what will happen if she doesn’t finish her chores.

4. Alisha is wearing a thick Lavender diaper under her adorable OnesiesDownUnder onesies. She is relaxing on the couch with Mr. Bear, but she is getting very aroused by her soaking wet diaper. Every time she wets a little more, the new warmth makes her pussy tingle. Overcome by the feeling, she begins to rub herself through the thick padding – soon using Mr. Bear as a substitute sex partner as she grinds against his soft fur until she reaches glorious orgasm.

5. Taylor is wearing an adorable pink Aww So Cute diaper with a stuffer as she sits on the floor doing her makeup. She has plans tonight and wants to look her best, even though she will have a hard time hiding her thick diaper from prying eyes.

6. Mandie is outside, wearing a pull-up for her potty training. When she has to pee, she tries to go inside, but finds the door locked. Daddy has left the potty chair on the deck, however, so she drops her pull-up to her knees and squats over the tiny potty to relieve herself.