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May 2017 #4

This week, we have six great videos that we hope you’ll enjoy!

1. Alisha wakes up in a soaking wet diaper, but needs to get ready to meet Daddy at the park. She strips off her onesie and wet diaper, then tapes on a fresh diaper with lots of powder. She knows how much Daddy loves her overalls, so she pulls a pair over her new onesie and packs her diaper bag for the day.

2. Daddy has just diapered Summer and dressed her in a cute onesie. He leaves her in the nursery for a little play time and she decides to color him a picture. She happily colors and wiggles around on the blanket, enjoying the cushion of her diaper.

3. Nikko is locked in the crib, but desperately needs to pee. She holds her bladder as long as she can, because she loves the feeling of a nice, long pee in her thick diaper. When she gets up on her knees and floods her diaper, she becomes so aroused she can’t help but shove her hands inside her diaper and masturbate to glorious orgasm.

4. Mommy Alisha has decided that her little girl belongs in diapers. This POV video shows what it’s like to have Mommy Alisha diaper you, place a pacifier in your mouth and tease you about your babyish attitude.

5. David brings a girl home, not thinking about his current living situation. When she sees his babyish room, he tells her he is staying with his aunt and it was the only room available. She seems to buy it at first, but after a few moments Aunt Lolly enters the room and decides to check David’s diaper.

Pulling down his pants, she realizes he is wearing underwear over his diaper, which is a serious violation of the rules. David’s new friend, Taylor, can’t help but stifle a laugh as this guy is emasculated by his aunt right in front of her. He is quickly stripped down to his soaking wet diaper and put on the changing table to be cleaned up. After wiping David clean, Lolly takes the insolent young man over her knee for a hard spanking. He struggles, but knows better than to pull away.

Well spanked, David is again placed on the changing table for a clean diaper with lots of powder. Taylor is having a hard time maintaining her composure, nearly bursting into laughter several times. Once the ordeal is over, and Aunt Lolly has left the room, David gives up on the idea of a new girlfriend and asks Taylor to leave.