ABDL Couple I Met…

I met an ABDL couple yesterday with a very interesting(and scary) story about how diapers became part of their lifestyle. They gave me permission to relate the story, so I hope I get the details right.

So, this couple is female domme and male sub. Names withheld for obvious reasons. They have lived a DD(domestic discipline) lifestyle since 1998. It’s very much a maternal type of household, where she is the boss and he does as he’s told. She works and he stays at home to cook and clean. For the most part seemingly average.

One of her favorite activities was teasing and mild CBT(Cock and Ball Torture). He had build a large standing box with a hole cut out for access to his penis and testicles. One day she has him locked inside and is doing naughty things to dick and gets an idea which requires something from the kitchen. When she leaves the room to fetch the item from the kitchen, she doesn’t shut the door all the way and their golden retriever pushes her way in. Thinking his erect penis is a playtoy, she grabs hold and begins to play tug o’ war. This causes a massive amount of damage to penis before she returns and stops it.

The doctors were able to fix most of the damage, but he now suffers from complete urinary incontinence. Apparently the dog pulled so hard, it ripped the muscles that control urine flow and they no longer work. Due to worries about scar tissue and other factors, the doctor insisted he wear diapers rather than use catheters. Over time it became part of their lifestyle and she now gives him the baby treatment as punishment on occassion or will refuse to change him if his chores are not finished.

I guess there is a bright side to most things, but I grabbed my crotch and shuddered when told that story. /shudder

~ DaddyJ ~

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