Adriana’s Unassisted Messy Diaper

Diaper Girl Adriana wakes from her slumber with a churning in her bowels. Her diaper is already soaking wet, but she desperately needs to relieve herself another way. She climbs out of bed and gets close to the camera and discusses what she’s about to do. After a few moments, she pushes and grunts and manages to fill her diaper. Such a dirty diaper girl with a messy diaper.

Note: Adriana’s Unassisted Messy Diaper After Waking Video Sample is copyrighted and property of and it’s owner. Please feel free to share as long as the watermark is left intact and the video unedited.

Note: All girls on Diapered Online appear voluntarily and are not subjected to diaper punishment against their will. If you enjoy seeing gorgeous diaper girls being punished, please enjoy these sample clips. If not, please go elsewhere. Thank you.

4 comments on “Adriana’s Unassisted Messy Diaper

  1. Awesome. Just awesome. Love Adriana. Any chance of some videos with Adriana and Lucy being diaper punished together? Maybe making out of fucking each other? Just the thought of it is making me hard. HAHAHAHA!

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