April 2016 #2

This week, we have six video clips for your perusal. My apologies for the last minute update. An aggressive cold has ravaged the household and we are just now on the mend. 🙂

1. Taylor and Mia are locked in the crib when Taylor’s bladder screams for release. With Mia watching intently, Taylor relaxes and allows herself to flood the thick diaper. Amused by the spectacle, Mia smiles and even rubs the front of Taylor’s diaper in amazement.

2. Star’s arousal is overwhelming as the thick diaper she wears rubs against her clit with each step. Desperately needing relief, she uses the magic wand to bring herself to intense orgasm.

3. Mia’s diaper is soaking wet, so sister Red helps out by changing her diaper on the nursery floor. She uses lots of powder after wiping her bottom clean with a handful of wipes, which makes for one sexy diaper change.

4. Red has been locked up for a while and the jail food has been giving her some intense diarrhea. During this clip, she is sleeping on the cot when she loses control of her bowels and fills the diaper with a wet load.

5. Mia is being a brat as she draws funny statements about Daddy on the whiteboard. When Daddy catches her though, it’s her butt that pays the price as he pulls her over his lap for a spanking.

6. Red is getting ready to go out for the day, so she pulls a pair of plastic pants over her thick diaper as added protection against leaks. Then, she dons a pair of shortalls to cover the diaper and hopefully hide it from prying eyes.

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