April 2016 #3

Six videos this week for your enjoyment!

1. Taylor is in the crib, having her hair brushed by her adopted sister Alisha. When Alisha checks Taylor’s diaper, she teases her for wetting, but when Taylor begins to moan Alisha knows she actually enjoys it. So, she pulls out the magic wand that is hiding under the pillow and uses it to give Taylor an orgasm. After quickly reaching orgasm, Alisha puts Taylor down for her nap.

2. Mia has been arrested by campus police, but there is question about whether or not she has swallowed contraband. So, she is stripsearched and diapered in order to ensure she is hiding nothing. No toilet is allowed, for fear that she might flush any evidence. Shortly after being locked up, her bladder fills and she has no choice but to pee the diaper she is wearing. That is hardly the worst of it, however, when she later feels the urge in her bowels and humiliatingly messes herself.

3. Rita is trying to nap in the crib, but the thick diaper between her legs has her dripping wet with arousal. As tired as she may be, she knows she won’t be able to sleep until she pleasures herself. She starts out rubbing herself through the diaper, but quickly decides the magic wand is the best option as she diddles herself to an intense orgasm.

4. Alisha finds herself constipated after refusing to mess her diaper for an extended period of time, so Daddy gives her some fast-acting laxatives and ties her hands to the ceiling hook. The cramps hit hard as she finds herself uncontrollably filling her diaper.

5. This video is the result of a request to see tiny little Mia wearing a size 6 baby diaper. As you can see, the diaper fits her surprisingly well and looks absolutely adorable as she colors in the crib.

6. Red is watching cartoons on TV while she colors a picture for Daddy. She absolutely loves being Daddy’s little girl and wants to show him how good she is at coloring inside the lines.

One comment on “April 2016 #3

  1. I like the jail videos. Have you thought about having two girls in the jail at the same time messing their diapers together?

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