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April 2018 #3

April 23, 2018

Third update for the month of April. Enjoy! 🙂

1. Alisha is tied to the ceiling, thickly diapered with the enema bag full and the nozzle buried in her ass. Daddy comes in after letting her stew and releases the flow, giving Alisha two full quarts of warm, soapy water. Once the bag is empty, he pulls the nozzle and Alisha desperately tries to hold her bowels. It’s a lost cause, however, and she quickly fills her diaper with a big, stinky mess.

2. Pookie is reading a hot ABDL story on her phone as she lays on the big fluffy teddy bear. Her arousal gets the best of her and before long she is rubbing herself through her thick diaper. One hot scene from one hot diaper girl!

3. Iris is cuddled up with the giant teddy bear as she colors in a coloring book. When she finishes, she shows her amazing artwork to the camera – shyly hoping you will like it. Such a cutie. 🙂

4. Taylor is locked in the table stocks. Her daddy intends to teach her a lesson about self control by using the magic wand on her, but not allowing her to orgasm. If she cums, she will be punished. Of course, she has no self control and has an intense orgasm, so off comes her diaper for a butt reddening spanking.

5. Alisha is sitting in the high chair, playing with her blocks, when the urge to go hits hard. It’s difficult to move your bowels when sitting on a hard chair, so she must lift herself up and try to do it that way. It’s difficult, and tiring, but she manages to do it. The only problem is now she has to sit in her own mess.

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