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April 2018 #4

April 30, 2018

Update #4 for April 2018. Enjoy! 🙂

1. Taylor is coloring on the floor when the urge to move her bowels hits hard. She gets up on her knees, spreads her legs and lets loose. It only takes a few minutes for Taylor to completely fill her diaper with a massive load.

2. Pookie was caught trying to use the toilet once again. Daddy pulls her into the room with her diaper still below her ass and puts her over his knee. After a thorough warm up with his hand, he grabs the small leather paddle and makes sure to leave some welts to remind her to behave. Once her ass is red and bruised, he pulls her diaper back up and sends her to bed early.

3. Alisha is playing with her toys, but she has needed to have a bowel movement for quite some time. She hoped to hold it until shortly before it was time for a diaper change, since her diaper punishment means she will only be changed after breakfast and after dinner. It’s just before lunch, however, so messing now would mean sitting in a messy diaper for half the day. Unfortunately, she can’t hold it any longer and messes her diaper. It’s going to be a long, uncomfortable day.

4. Dolly is napping on the couch, but due to her high fiber diet and the laxative she was given, she doesn’t wake up when the urge to mess hits her. Barely stirring, she fills her diaper – creating a large lump in the seat of her pants. She is going to be surprised and ashamed when she wakes up.

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