April: Update #1 – Five Diaper Girls

Six videos featuring five diaper girls this week. One of them brand new!

1. Kitty is brand new to the site, but we hope to see much more of her in the future. In this clip, she puts on a pullup diaper and them masturbates to orgasm before messing her diaper.

2. Cici is bored waiting for Daddy, so she decides to paint her nails while sitting on the bed in her thick diaper.

3. Daisy awakes in a wet cloth diaper and decides to change herself into a fresh disposable diaper.

4. Donna puts on a pair of overalls over her diaper and bra.

5. Donna is locked into the standing stocks in her thick diapers and shortalls. Daddy pulls them down to give her a good hard paddling.

6. Amber and Nikki get in trouble with Nanny Natalia when one of them tattles on the other for wetting her pants. Both end up in diapers as punishment.

Kitty also does custom videos and sells more ‘extreme’ videos to those interested. If you would like to contact her, please email her.

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