April: Update #2 – Four Diaper Girls

Five videos featuring four lovely diaper girls this update.

1. Cici is wearing a real baby diaper under her jeans and finds it soaking wet. Knowing it will leak if she wets again, she changes into a full size adult diaper.

2. Cici is locked in the pillory after telling Daddy she can’t hold it any longer. Daddy turns on the camera and a couple minutes later she fills her diaper. Completely unassisted – no enemas, suppositories or laxatives.

3. Daisy talks to the camera about her day and relays the story of Goldilocks as she rubs herself through her diaper.

4. Donna has been sent to the corner after Daddy gives her some liquid assistance to ensure a very messy diaper. She tries to hold it, but fails and fills her diaper.

5. Kitty is wearing a pullup she has wet several times and shows it for for the camera. She needs to mess but only lets out several farts.

One comment on “April: Update #2 – Four Diaper Girls

  1. I know you do monthly subscriptions, but have you ever considered doing a per-video service instead? In addition to letting viewers pick which videos they want, I think you’d make a lot more money. Just a thought. Keep up the outstanding work.

    Daisy is an absolute doll. 🙂

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