August 2016 #4

This week, we have six great videos for your enjoyment. 🙂

1. When Daddy wakes Mia up to get her ready for her cousin’s birthday party, she begs him to allow her to wear a pull-up instead of a diaper. He agrees, but only if she promises to keep her pull-up dry during the party. However, at the party, she soaks her pull-up and Daddy steps in. When he tells her it’s time for a diaper, she argues and pulls away. Punishment is quick as he drags her into the kitchen and spanks her while everyone watches through the sliding glass door. After turning her butt red with a wooden spatula, Daddy puts her right up on the kitchen island and puts her in a thick, babyish diaper for everyone to see.

2. Taylor is laying on the floor coloring when the cramps hit. She tries to ignore them at first, but quickly realizes she has no choice but to find a comfortable position to mess. She kneels in front of the crib and gives it a few good pushes, resulting in a very full diaper.

3. Alisha is laying in the crib in a pink princess diaper. She has been thinking about Daddy giving her diaper punishment all day and it has her aching to be touched. She finally gives in and slips her hand inside her diaper, feeling how wet her pussy has been getting. She pulls her shirt up, letting her breasts fall out of her shirt as she rubs her pussy with her hand.

Alisha changes position to masturbate, instead of laying on her back she switches to her hands and knees. This forces her diapered bottom to be up in the air as she continues to touch herself. After she works herself up quite well Alisha finally gives in and uses the wand. The buzzing has her gripping the rails on the crib as she holds on for a sexy orgasm.

4. After making a mess on the floor with her snack, Rainbow is relegated to the high chair to finish eating and coloring. Check out her very cute and thick princess diaper as she dangles her feet while sucking on her bottle.

5. Mia is cuddling in the crib with Mr. Bear, when his errand legs rubs against the crotch of her diaper. Realizing how good it felt, Mia decides that he would make an excellent partner as she humps him to multiple orgasms.

6. Mandie is showing off for the camera as she once against wets her already soaked diaper. As expected, the diaper doesn’t hold up and she leaks onto the changing table. Turned on by the embarrassment of wetting in front of everyone and leaking, she decides this is the perfect opportunity to masturbate in her soaking wet diaper and gets busy with the magic wand.

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