August 2017 #1

1. Muffin has a very wet diaper, so Nanny Lolly takes her to the nursery for a change. When she opens her diaper, she realizes she hasn’t had a bowel movement in several days. There are only two possible reasons for that; she has been sneaking to the toilet or she is constipated. Either way, the girl needs a bit of help, so Lolly takes her temperature with the rectal thermometer and gives her a mini-enema. After taping her up in a clean diaper, she leaves the girl in the corner to allow the medicine to work. The cramps kick in right away and it doesn’t take long before Muffin is filling her diaper. Nanny Lolly comes to check on her and realizes she was definitely constipated, so she gives her a big hug and comforts her while she empties her bowels further.

2. Lolly, Pookie and Muffin are having a sleepover. When it gets close to bedtime, they decide to change into their pajamas. Pookie and Lolly change in the bedroom, but Muffin excuses herself to change in the bathroom. Curious as to why she is so shy, the girls investigate when Muffin returns and finds she is wearing a pull-up and she was too embarrassed to let her friends know about her bedwetting problem. Since she didn’t trust them with that information, they decide to tease her about her ‘diapers’ and make her sit on the floor without her pants.

3. Daddy comes in to wake up Summer for school. Once again her diaper is soaking wet. She knows the rules. If she wakes up wet, she wears a diaper for the rest of the day. Daddy changes her into a clean diaper and tells her to get ready for school. Her school skirt is very short and she knows people will see her diaper if she bends over or squats down, but she also knows she will go to school with a red butt if she protests.

4. Alisha is sent to her room for a nap after she has been a brat to Daddy. Not feeling very tired, Alisha decides that an orgasm might aid in making her sleepy. She lays in her bed in just a bra and diaper, lifting her bra up to expose her breasts while she masturbates. Alisha grabs the magic wand and goes to town on her padded crotch. After a vigorous session with the wand, Alisha has a powerful orgasm that sends her to sleep.

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