August 2017 #2

1. Lolly is having a sleepover with her friends Pookie and Muffin when Lolly’s Daddy comes in to put her in a nighttime diaper. Lolly is mortified as her friends watch her get diapered. Pookie and Muffin can’t contain their laughter and unknowingly get themselves in trouble. As punishment Daddy diapers Lolly’s friends too, leaving all of them feeling embarrassed as they each sit in their new protective apparel.

2. David is lying on the bed, going through his email, when Taylor comes in and cuddles up next to him. Her thick diaper prominently displayed for all to see. Turned on by this gorgeous sight, David begins to rub Taylor’s diaper – getting her more and more aroused. After a few minutes, he realizes rubbing isn’t enough through the bulky diaper, so he switches to the magic wand and gives his little girls multiple intense orgasms. Completely exhausted, she curls up in his lap and falls fast asleep.

3. Summer is locked in the cage for the night, but her bowels are not cooperating. She struggles to find a comfortable position to sleep, but the cramps conditions have made her desperate. Unable to hold back any longer, she moves to her back and fills her diaper with a sizable load. Now she only has to find a comfortable position to sleep in her dirty diaper.

4. Muffin and Lolly are laying in the crib, both thickly diapered. They start to rub each other’s diapers, getting aroused as they do. This leads to a bit of diapered fun, as Muffin straddles Lolly and they begin to rub each other to glorious orgasm in the 69 position.

5. Taylor is wearing an extra thick, super bullky diaper as she does her makeup on the floor. The large diaper is filled with three massive stuffers, to ensure she doesn’t leak anywhere for the rest of the day.

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