August 2017 #3

1. Taylor and David are playing video games in their favorite position on the bed. David has the upper hand, so Taylor decides to play dirty… and I mean really dirty. With a subdued push, she fills her diaper, which is very close to David. It only takes a few moments before the smell overwhelms him and he is distracted from the game – allowing Taylor to pull off an upset win. They laugh about it and wrestle a bit, finally settling down to a nice cuddle.

2. Muffin and Taylor are sitting in class, both thickly diapered, as they wait for Miss Lolly. When she returns to the classroom, she has them both write on the board and then checks their diapers before sending them off to recess.

3. Summer is given a mini-enema after being locked in the pillory. She struggles to keep her diaper clean, but the enema solution is too strong. It only takes a few minutes for it to overcome her, as she loses control and fills her diaper. Of course, Daddy is there to check her diaper and admonish her lack of control.

4. Taylor is coloring a picture for Daddy. Completely lost in little space, she can’t help but suck her thumb as she focuses on staying in the lines. Such a cutie.

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