August 2017 #4

1. Summer has been dealing with some cramps for some time. She knows Daddy won’t be home for hours and she doesn’t want to sit in a messy diaper that long. Hoping for the best, she calls and asks if she can use the potty this one time, but he denies her permission. Fifteen minutes later, the cramps are too much and she moves to her knees and releases and audible mess into the extra thick diaper. Not wanting to lay in her own mess, she gingerly lays on her belly and waits for Daddy to get home.

2. Muffin’s diaper is soaking wet, so her sister Lolly changes her on the floor in front of the closet. She is sure to clean every little bit of her diaper area to prevent diaper rash.

3. Taylor is embarrassed to be wearing a wet diaper, but Daddy insists on checking her. When finding her diaper soaked, he puts her up on the changing table for a clean diaper. Shy Taylor sucks her thumb and tries to hide her face as she falls deep into little space.

4. Summer is enjoying a Saturday morning in a thick diaper and reading nursery stories on her phone. She alternates between sucking on her bottle and her thumb as she rolls around on the floor.

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