August: Update #2 – Four Diaper Girls

This update features four diaper girls in eight incredible videos. And remember, Adriana and Mandie have their own Clips4Sale stores. Please support them if you can. We need to keep our diaper girls in diapers after all. 😉

Adriana’s Store:

Mandie’s Store:

1. Diaper Girl Mandie has been constipated for days and tried everything she could to help herself have a movement. Nothing worked until she was given a mini-enema. She tried to hold it as long as she could to help it work, but it ended in a very full diaper that left a massive bulge. At least she felt better afterwards, despite the humiliation of having a disgustingly full diaper.


2. Adriana struggles to wet her new pink Aww So Cute diaper. She has been a bit pee shy for the camera lately. Guess it’s a bit embarrassing to pee on camera. Luckily she manages to release her bladder and provide a good show.


3. Taylor soaks her diaper while sitting in time out, which leads Dominic to change her wet diaper. Of course, humiliation is part of any proper diaper change for big girls.


4. Star is wearing double thick diapers, which means she has to masturbate extra hard to achieve orgasm. Watch she uses the magic wand on it’s highest setting and even resorts to grinding on the corner of the bed to get off.


5. Diaper Girl Adriana lays on the floor, playing on her phone, as she waits for the medication Daddy gave her to kick in. When the cramps hit full force, she shifts to a comfortable position to fill her diaper. And fill her diaper she does, leaving a huge bulge in the seat of her pants.


6. After finishing her time on the time-out stool, Mandie is diapered for bed by Adriana. She tries to fuss, but Adriana isn’t giving in. It’s thick diapers for this pouty diaper girl.


7. When Adriana finds Taylor in a soaking wet diaper, she rewards her with a magic wand orgasm. After her girl is thoroughly satisfied, she removes the wet diaper and changes her into a clean diaper with lots of powder.


8. Diaper Girl Star tries on multiple pairs of overalls and shortalls to see which is cuter over her extra thick diapers.

5 comments on “August: Update #2 – Four Diaper Girls

  1. Adriana struggling to pee is great. I love these types of videos. Shows how real these girls are and not just models that don’t enjoy their diapers. So glad you posted this. 😀

  2. <3 Star. Would love to see a video of her rubbing on the corner of the mattress for longer. I used to do that to masturbate all the time. Maybe a video of the same by Taylor and Adriana?

  3. The animated gifs have got to go…

    Also I would love to see your ticking enema you talked about.

    Also read about a hollowed out butt plug. Wonder what will happen.

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