August: Update #3 – Five Diaper Girls

This week, we introduce a new Diaper Girl, Rainbow. This adorable cutie has made some amazing videos and I can’t wait for you to see them. Enjoy the update!

1. During their picnic at the river, Adriana convinces Rainbow to let her put her into a diaper. The thrill of possibly being caught is very embarrassing for her, but she manages to get through it.

2. Mandie finds Amber in the stocks trying to avoid messing her diaper. It’s no use though. She teases the girl until she loses control and drops a huge load into the diaper. So humiliating!

3. Adriana has been bound with her hands above her head as she waits for her ‘medicine’ to kick in. It’s not too long before she fills her diaper and creates a massive bulge in the seat.

4. Diaper Girl Rainbow plays a game of LoL while thickly diapered under her schoolgirl skirt. If only the people she played with knew…

5. Mandie’s diaper is already soaked, but she needs to pee again. She knows it’s going to leak, so she puts down a towel to protect the floor. Lo and behold, the diaper leaks and pee runs down her leg. That won’t stop her from enjoying the warm wetness of it though.

6. Taylor loves to soak her diapers as you can tell when she releases a torrent from her bladder that completely soaks her diaper.

7. Adriana wakes up in her soaked Aww So Cute diaper and decides to change herself. She is excited for the new pink diapers that were delivered and can’t wait to try one on.

8. Amber is made to bend over the table and hold her enema. Failure to keep it in will result in extended time in a messy diaper and punishment. Of course, she is unable to hold it for long and makes a big mess in her thick diaper.

4 comments on “August: Update #3 – Five Diaper Girls

  1. Rainbow is hot! More of her please!

    Mandie is cute as well, but can she act a little more submissive by chance? SAMs bug the shit out of me, but would love to see some truly subby videos from her.

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