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February 2017 #2

This week we have six great videos that we think you’ll enjoy. As always, suggestions are welcome and appreciated. 🙂

1. Taylor is playing on her computer when the urge to pee hits hard. She doesn’t want to walk away from her game, though, which causes her to have an accident in her pants. She is about to run off to the bathroom to clean up, but Daddy walks around the corner just then and catches her.

Daddy David pulls her over his knee for a long, hard spanking and sends her to stand in the corner while he gets the diaper bag. A short time later, he returns and lays the naughty girl on the kitchen island and slides the thick diaper under her butt. To make sure she doesn’t remove the diaper, he puts her in a pair of locking plastic pants and padlocks the chain at the small of her back.

2. Alisha is sitting on the couch, texting her friend, when the cramps hit yet again. She knows she can’t hold her bowels any longer, so she stands up, squats a bit and fills her diaper. This diaper messing video is completely unassisted – no suppositories, enemas or other aids. as requested by several people. 🙂

3. Mia is fully regressed, playing with her toys on and around the crib. Despite her little headspace, the rubbing of the wet diaper against her clit has aroused her too much ignore. She touches lightly at first, but is soon rubbing her diaper heavily until she achieves orgasm.

4. Taylor is wearing a small SDK diaper that is soaking wet. It is literally strained to it’s limit, but the warm wetness is turning her on so much. She begins by rubbing herself through the diaper, but is worried she will rip it open if she rubs too vigorously. So, she opts to use the magic wand to bring herself to an intense orgasm.

5. Alisha is practicing her pool game while thickly diapered.

6. Mandie puts on a Pampers Size 7 diaper and then masturbates to orgasm for all her fans.