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Failure to Launch Clinic

Overwhelmed, I walked into the high rise building ready for my first day of work. I finished college almost five years ago and I finally found the job I was looking for. After checking in at the front desk, I was told to take the elevator to the 14th floor and someone from human resources would be waiting for me.

As I stepped out of the elevator, I was greeted by an impressively built woman. She stood a little over six feet tall, a full foot taller than myself.

“Sarah?” She asked as she held out her hand to shake.

I nodded.

“I’m Marilyn. Nice to meet you.”

After shaking hands, she walked down the hall and I had to walk fast to keep up.

“First things first. I have some paperwork for you to sign.” She said as she opened a door and stepped inside.

It was a small room with only a table and two chairs. A packet of papers sat on the table with a pen beside it. She sat on one side of the table and motioned for me to sit on the other. As she thumbed through the pages, she highlighted all of the lines where I needed to sign and then sat the pile of papers in front of me.

“Take your time. Read through them and sign where I highlighted. I’m going to grab some coffee. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

As usual, I didn’t bother reading any of the papers. I just flipped from page to page and signed where I saw yellow highlighter. Just as I was signing the last page, Marilyn came back through the door.

“All done?” She asked.

“Yes Ma’am.” I answered.

She smiled as she scooped up the pages and motioned for me to follow her out the door.

We walked down the hall to a wide door that she opened with a key card. As soon as we walked through the door, I became very confused. I was here for a job in real estate, but this looked like a medical clinic.

“How are you doing Paul?” Marilyn asked of a man that appeared from around the corner.

Paul was sitting in a large baby walker, slowly moving across the floor even though his feet barely touched the floor. At first I think it must be a medical assistance device of some sort, but it was clearly designed to look like a baby walker. The next thing I noticed was the only think he was wearing was a very thick diaper with baby prints all over it.

Marilyn saw the confusion on my face and offered an explanation. “Paul was very naughty and stole a dessert from the kitchen, so he was given an enema and has to do fifty laps through the halls before he will be changed.”

I didn’t even have a chance to ask for more details, as Marilyn just walked further down the hall until we encountered a young woman standing in the corner. She also wore only a very thick baby printed diaper, but her hands were cuffed behind her back.

“Amanda was verbally abusive to one of her caregivers this morning, so she is having her mouth washed out with soap.” I noticed the bar of soap jammed into the girl’s mouth as Marilyn was explaining.

Still too dumbfounded to ask questions, I just followed Marilyn further down the hall to another door. In this room, I saw more people crawling or walking around in diapers – eight men and three women. Most had pacifiers in their mouths as they played with the toys on the floor. One man was laying on a large changing table as a woman in an apron was putting him into a clean diaper. His eyes were full of tears and I could clearly see redness and welts across his bare ass. There were two other women dressed similarly in the room. They all looked at me as I entered.

“Everyone, I would like you to meet Sarah.” Marilyn announced loudly, as the caregivers all smiled at me.

Marilyn stepped back out of the room and I followed again. Finally I was able to voice my confusion and asked for clarification.

“What exactly is my job here?” I asked.

“Your job is to do as you’re told, young lady.” She answered.

“Pardon?” My confusion turned to fear as I sensed what was coming.

“This clinic was designed for useless adult children that would rather leach off their parents than join the workforce. Parents these days try to protect their kids from the world and as a result those kids can’t cope with real life when it comes time. We take them in and retrain them from infancy until they are ready to join society. You are not here for a job. You are here as a patient. You will be spending the next six to twelve months as an infant, while we break you of bad habits and teach you respect. When you’re ready to progress from there, you will be allowed to grow up again and make your mother proud. Don’t you want to make your mother proud?”

I swallowed hard and walked quickly toward the exit only to find it locked.

“You need to open this fucking door or I’m calling the police!” I yelled as I kicked at the door repeatedly.

Marilyn just walked toward me, grabbed a handful of hair and began dragging me down the hallway.

“You no longer have that right. Perhaps you should learn to read papers before you sign them. This is a legitimate clinic and you have signed your rights over to us for the duration of your stay. If you really want to leave, you should focus on what we’re teaching and make things easy on yourself.”

Two of the other aproned women appeared and grabbed hold of me as Marilyn gave them orders.

“She is going to need a good paddling for damaging the door. Make sure she has a bar of soap in her mouth for the profanity. After she is diapered, bring her to my office for orientation.”

I felt like I was having a panic attack as the two women dragged me into another room. Were they really going to beat me and make me eat soap?! This couldn’t be real. Please let me wake up and realize this is a nightmare.

Over and over I told myself this couldn’t be real as they stripped me naked. Right up to the point that they shoved the bar of soap into my mouth and I felt the first swat of the paddle across my bare ass.

THWACK! “AHHHHHH!!!!!!” I screamed in pain…

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