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September 2018 #3

Diapered Online third update of September 2018. Featuring brand new diaper girl, Bunny! Please make her feel welcome. 🙂

1. Bunny is supposed to be showing Daddy that she can keep her pants dry, but she ends up wetting her pullup anyway. This is her third warning, so Daddy decides to put her back in diapers. She isn’t too happy about this turn of events, as you can see from the pouty look on her face.

2. Bunny is thickly diapered and feeling as little as ever. She lays on the floor and colors a picture for Daddy when he gets home. Isn’t that just so adorable?

3. Rita is coloring in the crib when the urge to mess her diaper hits. Unable to do it while laying on her belly, she gets up on her knees and leans into the corner as she loudly fills her diaper. Once finished, she goes back to coloring as if nothing happened.

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