July 2017 #2

Second update of July! Enjoy these great clips from some of your favorite diaper girls. 🙂

1. Taylor comes home from school with her friend Muffin. She is surprised and embarrassed when her sister, Lolly, enters the room carrying her diaper bag. Lolly informs Taylor that they discovered her wet sheet and hiding them is not appropriate after wetting the bed. Right there in front of Muffin, she puts Taylor into a thick diaper.

Muffin, however, is loving every minute of it and instinctively begins sucking her thumb. Lolly notices and asks if she wants a diaper as well. Muffin is a little shy and embarrassed, but nods yes and is the next to lay down for a thick diaper.

2. Pookie gets caught sneaking off to the toilet during her sleepover. Daddy pulls her into the nursery and over his knee for a long, hard spanking. After wearing out his hand, he asks Lolly to take over while he retrieves a paddle. Lolly gives it to her good, upset that she now has to go to bed early for not stopping Pookie from sneaking to the bathroom. Daddy returns a few minutes later and finishes Pookie’s spanking with the leather paddle. Afterward, all four girls are told to go to bed.

3. When Daddy finds out what Lolly has done to Muffin’s bottom(bruising it badly playing Mommy Dearest), he decides to give her a taste of her own medicine. So, over his knee she goes for a butt blistering session with the hairbrush. Once her bottom is bright red and bruised, he puts her on the changing table for a Fleet enema and a thick diaper.

Lolly kneels next to the bed, where Muffin is recovering from her own blistered bottom. It’s not long before she can no longer contain the enema and fills her diaper to capacity. Of course, Muffin is quite pleased with the turn of events.

4. Alisha has gotten her third speeding ticket this year. Furious, Daddy takes her over his knee for a hard spanking. Then he puts her on the changing table and slides a diaper under her butt. He dons a rubber glove and slides multiple suppositories in her bum before taping up the diaper.

After a bit of time in the corner, Daddy puts Alisha to bed in the crib. Of course, the suppositories have kicked in by now and it doesn’t take long before she is filling her diaper. It’s going to be a long, uncomfortable night for Alisha. Daddy put her to bed early and she won’t be changed out of her stinky diaper until morning.

5. Muffin and Lolly are having some fun while sitting on the floor. Lolly decides to tickle Muffin, but Muffin has a very full bladder and accidentally wets her pants. Lolly teases her about it and goes to get her a diaper to wear as Muffin cleans up. At first, she refuses to wear the diaper, but without other options she allows Lolly to tape it on her.

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