March 2017 #3

This week, we have six great videos for your enjoyment. 🙂

1. Daddy walked in on Lolly sitting on the toilet with her pullups around her knees. She knows better than to use the potty without permission, so it’s back to diapers for this young lady. To teach her an extra lesson, Daddy gives her a mini-enema before taping her up in a thick Lavender diaper. Then, it’s off to the corner where she will stand until she fills her diaper.

2. Mia is having a full on regression day as she plays on the floor and enjoys her toys. She is dressed in a thick diaper and her favorite new onesie from

3. Alisha’s diaper is soaked, but Daddy is out running an errand. He gave her permission to change herself, since her diaper was already leaking, so she hops up on the changing table and does her best cleaning up and putting on a new diaper. Since her diaper leaked on her onesie, she decides to change that as well.

4. Lolly is sitting comfortably in the crib playing on her phone when her hand becomes distracted with touching her diaper. Lolly puts her phone down to focus all of her attention on the thick padding between her legs. After realizing just how turned on she is, Lolly reaches for the magic wand – every diaper girl’s best friend. She works the wand over her diaper expertly until the vibrations against her padded crotch bring her to orgasm.

5. Diaper girls Taylor and Mia are doing their homework and gossiping about their day at school. It’s always interesting to hear what girls are gossiping about. Even more interesting when those girls are wearing thick diapers. 🙂

6. Mandie is out on the deck smoking a cigarette with her pullup in full view of anyone walking by.

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