May 2017 #2

Enjoy this week’s update. Summer is coming and with it we will have several new diaper girls for you to enjoy! 🙂

1. Daddy puts Lolly in the corner and instructs her to stay there for an hour as punishment for talking back. Lolly pleads with him to use the restroom as she urgently needs to pee- but he refuses and leaves her deal with it on her own. Lolly holds out for as long as possible, but a wetness spreads across the back of her pajamas and down her legs as she loses control of her bladder. Daddy is unhappy to return to find Lolly standing in a puddle. He has her strip off her pajamas in order to diaper her and then sends her to clean up her mess.

2. Nikko’s diaper is soaking wet and she is tired of waiting for Daddy, so she decides to change her own diaper. It goes about as well as can be expected – with a crooked diaper that would leak the first time she used it. When Daddy discovers what she has done, he has to adjust the tapes and make sure the diaper fits correctly. Partly for changing her diaper without permission and partly because she has messed in days, he gives her a mini-enema as well.

After getting dressed, Nikko lays on the bed while she deals with the cramps of the mini-enema. Daddy is getting ready to take her shopping, so she is desperate to keep the mini-enema from kicking in. It’s no use, however, and she soon fills her diaper. She begs Daddy to change her before they leave, but he insists that the mini-enema wouldn’t have worked so quickly if she hadn’t been holding it for so long. She will simply have to deal with the consequences.

3. Summer is still wearing a very messy diaper while she waits for Daddy to change her. Her friend calls while she’s surfing the internet on her phone and keeps asking to video chat. Summer is worried her friend will see her diaper – or worse – the state of her diaper, so she refused. Repeatedly, her friend pesters her to video chat until finally Summer gets aggravated and hangs up the phone.

4. Taylor has been hired to clean a gentleman’s house, but when she arrives he has something else in mind. Offering her more money than she can refuse, he asks her to clean his house while wearing a thick diaper. Stripping off her pants, he wraps her up in a thick cloth diaper and a pair of thick plastic pants. She feels a little foolish, waddling around in the thick diaper, as he takes photos of her.

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