April 2017 #3

This update, we would like to introduce another brand new diaper girl, Summer! Please welcome her by checking out her videos and leaving feedback. She would love to hear some suggestions for future visits. 🙂

1. Summer has been skipping college classes and Daddy has found out. He insists if she is going to act like a baby and not be responsible, he is going to treat her like one. She is going back into diapers for the foreseeable future, which she isn’t happy about it.

2. Taylor has been a brat all day, pestering her Daddy to let her use the toilet. Annoyed, he locks her in the pillory and tells her she will stay there until her diaper is full. This clip picks up just before she finally loses the battle and fills her diaper while struggling with the strain in her back from the bent position.

3. Lolly is in big trouble. She forgot her ID and didn’t realize until we got to the airport. Since I had to buy her a new ticket, she needed to be punished.

Strapped over the spanking stand, I start with a thick butt plug that vibrates away inside her ass. Then, using my hand, I spank her already tender butt until it’s bright red and tears form in her eyes. Leaving her to ponder the rest of her punishment, I leave to fill the enema bag – returning with two quarts of warm, soapy water.

After making her take the entire contents of the enema bag, I pull up her diaper, cuff her hands and move her to the corner to fill her diaper.

4. Summer is sitting at her desk in the corner, writing lines for backtalking. She is only on page three when the urge to move her bowels becomes unbearable. Knowing better than to stop her task, she shifts around and fills her diaper. After dropping a big load in her diaper, she sits down gingerly to finish her lines.

5. Cici is home alone while Daddy is on a weekend trip. Thinking about Daddy changing her diaper and rubbing her pussy through her pull-up, she can’t help but touch herself while laying in the crib. She turns on the camera and decides to send Daddy a special video to remind him what he has to look forward to when he returns.

6. This clip of Mia masturbating in cute little panties was requested by several members. No diapers in this video, but she was back in them shortly after she finished. 🙂

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