November 2016 #2

This week, we have six great videos that we think you will enjoy. Alisha, Mia, Olive, Rainbow, Red and Taylor all get the treatment they deserve. 🙂

1. Alisha is in need of an enema to enforce the diaper use requirement. Daddy gets everything ready while she waits, bent over the bed in the nursery. Her diaper is pulled back and the nozzle is inserted deep into her bottom before the flow is released. Two quarts of soapy water invades her colon, as Daddy cleans her out good. Once the bag is empty, he tapes up the diaper and makes sure the elastic is tight to ward against leaks. In mere moments, she loses control and fills the diaper with the disgusting contents of her bowels.

2. Mia has once again gotten herself into trouble for trying to sneak to the toilet. She knows she is required to use her diapers, but she gets embarrassed when Daddy changes her. This time, Daddy makes her write lines on the board. When she gets tired of writing lines, she decides to pout and sit at the desk instead. When Daddy catches her, he bends her over that same desk and uses the tawse on her naughty butt right through the thick diaper.

3. Olive and Red are diapered up and deep in little space. They are lying on the floor of the nursery, coloring in their coloring books and having a great time.

4. Mia, Taylor, and Red are all in detention for misbehaving earlier in class. The girls have only been sitting in detention for a short while and are already bored. The bratty Mia decides to entertain her friends and draws obscene things on the board. While she already has her friends in a fit of giggles, she decides to begin twerking upside down against the board. As she is upside down twerking, her skirt reveals the very thick diaper she is wearing underneath. Mia does a crinkly twerk in her diaper, causing Taylor and Red to laugh even more.

Unfortunately for Mia, it is at this time that their teacher, Miss Rainbow, decides to check in on them. She finds Mia’s display and drawings to be no laughing matter and quickly disperses a punishment. First Rainbow humiliates Mia by forcing her to once again wall twerk, but this time she must do it in front of her as well. Rainbow then forces Mia to bend over in front of the board and grab her ankles. She warms Mia’s thighs and diapered ass with a quick spanking. Then Mia is ordered to continue standing with her diaper exposed and her hands on her ankles for the remainder of detention.

5. Red and Taylor are sent to bed early as punishment. Unfortunately, Red is having some cramps and knows it’s only a matter of time before she messes her diaper. Taylor pleads with her to hold it until morning, but it’s going to be difficult. She tries to hold it, but loses the battle long before she fall asleep, which means a long night of both girls smelling her disgusting diaper.

6. Mia needs to cover her diapers before she goes out and overalls are usually the best choice. She tries on several pairs before she decides on the pair that does the best job of hiding her secret from the world.

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