January 2017 #2

This week, we have six videos for your enjoyment. Enjoy!

1. Taylor is in bed, masturbating with the magic wand when Rainbow knocks on the door. Quickly, she hides the wand and answers the door. When the girls sit on the bed, Rainbow immediately finds it and asks what it’s for. She isn’t buying it when Taylor says it’s a back massager. Pressed for information, Rainbow discerns what she was really doing and uses the magic wand on Taylor herself. After bringing her to multiple orgasms, they cuddle up on the bed exhausted.

2. Kimmie is doing a puzzle, but her diaper is soaking wet. Not wanting to get a rash, she removes the stinky diaper and cleans herself up. Then it’s time to tape on a fresh, clean diaper for the rest of the day.

3. Taylor is trying to do her homework, but Mia is restless and keeps interrupting her sister. They discuss a party they plan to intend and realize the only way to hide their diapers is under tights. So, while getting dressed for the party, they both don pairs of tights over their thick diapers. Later that day, the girls return from the party and discuss how a bully at the party exposed Mia’s diaper to everyone at the party. Taylor tries to make her feel better, but she knows that everyone could tell Mia was wearing a diaper. Before long, the girls strip down and get into their footed pajamas for bed time.

4. Red is lying on the floor, coloring a picture for Daddy. Her diaper is already soaked, but she pauses twice more to release her bladder and renew the warm wetness in the thick disposable diaper.

5. Taylor is laying in the crib with a desperate need to relieve herself, so she positions herself comfortable and floods the diaper. After feeling the warm wetness between her legs, she begins to rub her pussy through the thick diaper. Her bladder, however, isn’t the only thing that is full, and soon she is filling the diaper as well. The feeling of a messy diaper is too much for Taylor and she begins to masturbate in earnest. Of course, this is a job for the magic wand, so she pulls out her favorite toy and works herself up to an incredible orgasm.

6. Mandie is wearing a very thick cloth diaper and yellow plastic panties. The trapped heat is making her incredibly horny, so she uses the magic wand to bring herself to orgasm through the bunched up material.

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