February 2017 #1

This week’s update was a tad delayed – thanks to a fault in the software that schedules posts. It was brought to my attention this afternoon, so here it is. The next update with happen on schedule. 🙂

1. Taylor is doing some cam work for extra cash, but she knows she has a curfew and tells her fans she needs to go to bed. She thinks she has turned off the camera, but she hit the wrong key and it keeps right on filming. She returns a bit later, wearing footie pajamas, which her fans think is cute and proceeds to fall asleep on the couch.

A few hours later, her landlord comes in to find her sleeping on the couch even though there are strict rules against it. He unzips her pajamas and places his hand inside. Viewers are confused at first, but when he stands her up and pulls down her pajamas to expose her soaking wet diaper, they get an eyeful!

Her punishment for sleeping on the couch is a trip over David’s knee for a long, hard spanking. Her butt is turning bright red as her fans watch her humiliation unfold. After her spanking, David fastens her diaper and pulls her pajamas back up. As he walks away, he reminds her to put away her laptop – at which point she realizes the camera was still on and sees the comments from her viewers. Utterly humiliated, she closes the laptop.

2. Alisha got in trouble at school yet again. She was diapered for punishment right after the infraction, so by the time detention rolled around she was desperate to move her bowels. She tries to hold it, as she finishes her homework, but the cramps overtake her and she is soon filling her diaper. Not wanting to sit in her own mess, she tries to find a comfortable position at her desk where she can hang her diapered butt off the side, but it’s no use. As her weight rests on the messy diaper, it squishes all over inside – releasing a pungent smell into the room.

3. Taylor is on the couch playing video games when the urge to mess hits hard. She tries to ignore it at first, but the cramps build fast and she knows she can’t hold out for long. After only a couple minutes, she is shifting into a comfortable position as she fills her diaper. Once finished, she returns to her seat on the couch to finish her game.

4. Mia is changing into a fresh, clean diaper on the bathroom floor before getting ready for a night out with friends. Hope they don’t notice the thick diaper under her tight outfits. 😉

5. Red and Taylor are busy at work making cookies for Daddy with their new toy oven. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work as well as advertised and the cookies are utterly ruined by a faulty mechanism.

6. Mandie has a very wet pull-up under her denim shorts and the warm wetness is turning her one something fierce. Unable to contain her arousal, she strips off the shorts and goes to work vigorously masturbating with the magic wand through her soaked training pants.

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