March 2017 #2

This week, we have another six great videos for your perusal. The first clip is the result of a few dozen requests, so I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

1. This first clip is the result of several requests from members. Taylor and Lolly have agreed to a mini-enema competition to see who can hold it the longest. Both did an amazing job at keeping their diapers clean for some time, but before long Taylor simply can’t take the cramps and fills her diaper. Lolly thinks she will be able to use the toilet, since she won the competition, but Daddy insists she must use her diapers. No longer wanting to deal with the cramps, she gets up on her knees and fills her diaper as well.

2. Pookie hasn’t messed her diaper in a couple days, so Daddy decides to give her a mini-enema to keep her regular. Since she neglected to tell him about her constipation, he decides to teach her a lesson. Over his knee she goes for a hard hand spanking that turns her butt red. After her spanking, he gives her the mini-enema and diapers her up before sending her to the corner to think about her punishment. Twenty minutes later, she gives in to the cramps and fills her diaper for all to see. Do you think she will learn her lesson?

3. Alisha is wearing a thick Lavender diaper and an adorable onesie from OnesiesDownUnder, as she colors on the floor while watching her new favorite movie!

4. Lolly has been very bad and needs a hard spanking. Discovering a very soaked diaper, he cleans her up as she pouts about her punishment. Once over Daddy’s lap, she gets a butt reddening spanking and is then sent to the corner. It doesn’t take more than a minute for the pouty Lolly to get in more trouble by sticking her tongue out at Daddy. In response, he pulls her back over his knee for a session with the hairbrush. By the time her spanking is finished, there are deep, dark bruises that she will remember every time she sits down.

5. Mia is getting ready to go out, but her chosen outfit is too tight for a traditional diaper. Worried she will have an accident, she carefully powders herself and pulls on an adorable pull-up.

6. Red and the girls are stretching for dance class, but Red is not keeping up. To teach her a lesson, the other girls put her in the spreader bars and bend her over for a session with the magic wand. Now exhausted from multiple orgasms, she should try harder to keep up.

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