Cici’s Wet Diaper Change

Diaper girl Cici’s diaper is soaking wet and she needs a change. This is her first time changing her diaper on camera, so wants to show off. It’s cute to watch her try to watch the little screen on the camera as she gets herself into diaper changing position. During her diaper change, she has a little fun by showing off her wet diaper and spraying baby powder into the air.

She takes her time and cleans every inch of her diaper area with baby wipes. No diaper rash for this diaper girl. After putting on a fresh, clean diaper she shows off her diapered butt for the camera. Cici really is an adorable ABDL diaper girl. Enjoy this sample video clip and screenshots below!

Note: Cici’s Wet Diaper Change Video Sample is copyrighted and property of and it’s owner. Please feel free to share as long as the watermark is left intact and the video unedited.

Note: All girls on Diapered Online appear voluntarily and are not subjected to diaper punishment against their will. If you enjoy seeing gorgeous diaper girls being punished, please enjoy these sample clips. If not, please go elsewhere. Thank you.

8 comments on “Cici’s Wet Diaper Change

  1. This is amazing and hott! I’m just astounded that these girls come forward to you like this. That’s gotta be a pretty cool feeling to have fun with these girls where you’re at. Love the video Cici!

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