December 2016 #2

This week, we have six great videos that I’m sure you will enjoy. We hope everyone is having a great holiday season!

1. Taylor is on diaper punishment, but tries to refuse to wear them. Daddy sends Rainbow to put her sister in a diaper as soon as she gets home from school, but Taylor argues. Rainbow doesn’t want to risk punishment herself, so she insists that Taylor do as she’s told.

2. Mia needs to get ready for ballet class, but she wants to look extra nice today. She tries on multiple pairs of tights to see which looks better over her thick diaper, finding deciding on the one she likes the best.

3. Kajira is aroused beyond belief, but her diaper is so thick it’s difficult to masturbate. Lucky for her, Mr. Bear is up to the task, so she humps him hard – grinding the diaper between her legs – and bringing herself to a long, amazing orgasm.

4. Mia and Taylor are lying in the crib, knowing it’s about time to get ready for school. Both girls are quite aroused, however, so they decide a quick round of mutual masturbation will help them focus on schoolwork, rather than the wetness down below.

5. Daddy is busy, so he sends Red to get her diaper changed by her sister, Taylor. Taylor hates changing diapers, but she doesn’t want to get in trouble. She removes Red’s stinky, wet diaper and cleans her up. Then it’s time for a fresh diaper and lots of powder.

6. Taylor is kicking back in the crib, doing her homework, but she has an overwhelming itch down below. She starts off rubbing herself through the thick diaper she is wearing, but it’s simply not enough. So, she pulls out the big guns – the magic wand is definitely up to the task of helping her orgasm through the thick padding.

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