December 2016 #3

This week, we have six great videos for your enjoyment. Enjoy them during this holiday season. 🙂

1. Alisha has suspected that Taylor has been secretly wearing diapers to bed. She sneaks into her room one morning and discovers that not only is she wearing a diaper, but it has baby prints all over it. Using her phone, she records the entire thing as Taylor wakes up and chases her down the stairs to stop her. Alisha insists that if Taylor wants the video deleted, she must do all of her chores and Taylor agrees.

Unbeknownst to Taylor, however, Alisha is recording her as she cleans and uploading the videos to facebook. Including a video where Taylor wets her diaper, after Alisha insists the toilets are off limits until she finishes her chores. When the chores are finished, she demands to see the video deleted, but Alisha reveals that everyone has been watching her all day and they all think she is adorable. Utterly humiliated, Taylor runs to her room and cries in her bed. Will she ever live this down?

2. Kajira is put in the corner for misbehaving and must stay there until Daddy says otherwise. Unfortunately for the poor girl – she desperately has to go to the bathroom. Unable to leave the corner without being punished more severely, she tries to hold it in. Eventually she loses control and wetness slowly leaks down the inside of her jeans. Kajira whimpers in the corner as she is stuck standing in her embarrassing mess until Daddy comes back. Two hours later, Daddy returns to find Kajira standing in her pee-soaked jeans. He reprimands her inability to control herself and decides a diaper would be a fitting punishment.

3. After playing on the train tracks with Taylor, Daddy carries Mia back to the truck on his shoulders – where he discovers her diaper is soaking wet. Right there in public, he lifts the tailgate and changes her diaper where anyone wandering by could see her. Afterwards, they walk down to the lake and she plays in the water, while Daddy teases her about the thick diaper under her tight pants – even exposing her diaper to anyone that might be looking.

4. Alisha is snuggled in bed wearing her favorite onesie as she naps. She wakes up and sleepily touches her diaper to check for wetness. Alisha enjoys the feeling, and her diaper-check turns into something more while her free hand searches for the magic wand. She unsnaps her onesie and puts the magic wand against her diapered crotch, instantly moaning at the feeling. Alisha desperately humps the magic wand for quite some time before achieving an explosive orgasm that has her drifting off to sleep once again.

5. Red has been enjoying her time coloring on the floor, but her free time is quickly running out and she must get ready for work. With her incontinence flaring up recently, Red decides it is a good idea to wear a diaper to work. Red chooses a black diaper to go with her professional attire. She changes out of her smelly soaked diaper and into the new one before sliding skin-tight leggings on over top of her diaper. Afterwards Red puts on a long blouse in hopes that it will cover the obvious extra thickness of her diaper. She then leaves for work feeling protected from any unforeseen accidents.

6. Mandie is restrained on the couch after being given an enema. She struggles to control herself, but it’s only a matter of time before she fills her diaper.

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