December 2016 #4

Six videos for your enjoyment this week. We hope you all have a wonderful new year! 🙂

1. Kajira is lying in bed, enjoying her thick diaper and adorable onesie from The feeling of the padding and the crinkling of the plastic is getting her aroused, however, so she is soon rubbing herself through the crotch of her diaper. Before long, she has unsnapped the onesie and begins to vigorously rub herself on the mattress to an intense orgasm – finally falling asleep, exhausted, with her thumb in her mouth.

2. It’s bed time for Taylor, but the previous night she snuck out of the crib and used the toilet while Daddy was asleep. Tonight, he is taking other precautions. He adds padded mitts to her hands and then gives her multiple suppositories to ensure a long night in a very messy diaper. The crib is locked and Taylor is stuck for the night. Not too long later, the suppositories kick in and she is filling her diaper. Onesie provided by

3. Mia is playing on the floor in front of the crib, when she feels her bladder giving way. She spreads her legs and lays back, as she floods the thick Rearz diaper. Of course, the warm wetness feels incredible and she can’t help but rub her crotch repeatedly, as she fantasizes about Daddy changing her diaper.

4. When Rainbow comes to check on Taylor, she discovers that she has wet her pull-up. The girl was supposed to be working hard on potty training, but apparently that has failed. Rainbow decides that Taylor needs to go back in diapers and changes her right there in the crib. Afterwards, Taylor gives a little attitude, so Rainbow gives her a quick spanking before leaving the room.

5. Red has been sitting in her dirty diaper since this morning and she desperately needs to be changed. After texting Daddy, who is away at work, she is given permission to change her diaper. Red goes into the nursery and takes her time changing into a new diaper. After she is freshly diapered she continues with her self-care and rubs lotion all over her legs.

6. Mia and Taylor are both thickly diapered in the nursery. They are deep in little space, so they decide to play a game of Go Fish.

2 comments on “December 2016 #4

  1. I have an idea for a video. Have a slumber party video with 3 or 4 of the girls and have them playing a game of truth or dare where one of the dares is to mess their diapers. Another game they could do is a suppository challenge where they all take suppositories and see who messes first, second and so on. Multiple girls messing their diapers would be a plus!

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