Diaper Girl Carmen – Preview

A few photos of Carmen undergoing overnight diaper punishment. After a large enema, she is diapered up very thick and bound into the straitjacket. A few hours bound on the bed results in a very messy diaper and no way to soothe the discomfort.

7 comments on “Diaper Girl Carmen – Preview

  1. Carmen looks so sweet and helpless in the jacket and thick diapers (and she’s done such a good job of filling them!). Wish I had a girl that would participate in a scene like this….and of course I would love to be “forced” into this situation myself. Keep up the good work, always keen to see more.

  2. What a cutie Carmen is, and how totally helpless she looks in the jacket and thick diaper….which she fills so well!!!
    Wish I had someone to treat like this….and that someone would treat me like this too!!!
    Keep up the good work; these photos are the best.

  3. Is there the scene where she actually is messing? Did Carmen do anything else porn- or ABDL related? She is very hot!!!

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