Diaper Girls Everywhere!

As the title says, they are popping up everywhere! Well, maybe not everywhere, but as time goes by I meet diaper girls in more and more ways. The biggest benefit of running this site is that they either email me or recognize me.

This particular time, I was visiting a friend in another city about 120 miles from home. On the way out, I stopped at a local restaurant for some food before the drive. This cute girl a few tables way kept staring at me, but I wasn’t sure why. She left before I did, but I finished only a few minutes later. When I left the restaurant, she was standing outside waiting for me.

She was very, very nervous when she approached me. Almost stammering her words, she asked if I was DaddyJ. I told her yes with a smile on my face and she became visibly relieved. We talked for a short while and she explained that she had always wanted to contact me, but had only recently turned 18. She also thought I was located on the East Coast for some reason.

To make a long story short, after discussing things in detail she decided she wanted to come for a visit. Not later, but now. This happened last night and right now she is wearing double thick diapers, locking plastic panties and footed pajamas. Her bowel movements are very regular and happen within 30 minutes of waking up every day, so she is currently dealing with trying to mess her diaper for the first time.

This visit is being recorded, but she is not yet sure she wants it to be shared. I will write more as the visit progresses. =)

4 comments on “Diaper Girls Everywhere!

  1. I would love to meet girls like this you are a very lucky man I am on the east coast so if there are any girls here looking for a daddy I am here for you

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