Brittney’s Diaper Punishment

Brittney has been a very bad diaper girl. Aside from her standard diaper punishment, this naughty blonde gets locked into the pillory for some extreme diaper punishment. Once completely immobilized, diaper girl Brittney has her disposable adult diaper pulled down to expose her ass. A large, inflatable butt plug is inserted to prevent any messy accidents while the diaper is down. A few squeezes of the bulb ensure she won’t be able to simply push it out. Finally, a good hard spanking with my leather belt to remind her why she is undergoing diaper punishment in the first place.

Note: Brittney’s Diaper Punishment Video Sample is copyrighted and property of and it’s owner. Please feel free to share as long as the watermark is left intact and the video unedited.

Note: All girls on Diapered Online appear voluntarily and are not subjected to diaper punishment against their will. If you enjoy seeing gorgeous diaper girls being punished, please enjoy these sample clips. If not, please go elsewhere. Thank you.

19 comments on “Brittney’s Diaper Punishment

  1. I agree with baby boy’s post dated april 20th 2010 if anyone finds a site for men who wear diapers and like to get spanked email me at that video made me horny had to go take care of a tent in my diaper! LOL!

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