Diapered For Pay – Story Sample

The following is a sample of my book “Diapered For Pay”, which is available on Amazon.

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Chapter One – Looking for Work

I awaken to the feeling of the sun on my face and immediately realize I’m late for work. In a panic, I look around and realize the power is out. That’s what happens when you don’t pay the bill. Grabbing my watch I realize I’m already two hours late for work. The water has been off for two days already, so I forego a shower, instead just putting on extra deodorant before rushing out the door.

Twenty minutes later I’m entering the back room of the department store where I work. My supervisor sees me and motions me to into his office.

“You’re late.”

“I’m sorry sir. My power was out, so my alarm didn’t wake me up. It won’t happen again.” Omitting the part about the bill not being paid.

“I know it won’t. Tardiness of more than ten minutes in your first month of employment is an automatic termination. It’s out of my hands. I’m sorry.” He seems genuinely apologetic, but it doesn’t help my situation.

“Thank you for the opportunity. I’m sorry I disappointed you.” I was ready to cry, but at this point I was in damage control mode. Hoping that if I leave without creating a scene I might at least get a halfway decent reference.

“I’m sure you’ll be fine.” he says. “You’re a smart, beautiful woman. I’m sure there are tons of employers that would love to hire you.” It’s now apparent why he is upset that he has to fire me. He was probably hoping for a future hookup.

After gathering the few items I had stashed in my locker, I spent the rest of the afternoon going business to business turning in applications and dropping off resumes. Most of them were your standard retail outlets, but some seemed a little shady.

I had gotten so preoccupied with what I was doing that at one point I entered a sex shop and dropped off my resume before looking around and realizing my mistake. The man behind the counter looked me up and down as I glanced around at all the sex toys and videos hanging on the walls. I actually blushed and started heading for the door.

“Melinda!” I heard from behind as I got to the door. I turned to see the same man holding up my resume. “Are you still looking for a job?”

Despite my discomfort with being in this shop, I really was desperate. Times were tough and jobs were hard to come by. I went back to the counter, expecting to schedule an interview.

“Can you start now?” I was dumbfounded. I couldn’t find the words to say yes, so I just nodded. “Great. I just fired my last clerk two days ago for harrassing the female customers and doubt that will be a problem with you. I’m tired of working 16 hours a day. So, if you’re ready to get started, I can train you today and tomorrow and then you can start full time on Friday. Sound good?”

“Yes sir.” was all I could get out. As odd a job as this appeared to be, I felt a great weight being lifted from my shoulders.

I spent the next several hours learning the ropes. I was told to study up on the different types of merchandise so I could help customers if they asked. The number one rule was “Never act disgusted by anyone’s purchases or requests”, which made complete sense. If you couldn’t feel comfortable about your desires in a sex shop, then what would be the point.

It turned out the shop was open later than most of the shops downtown. My hours were to be Wednesday through Sunday from 6pm until 2am. Getting up in time was not going to be a problem it seemed.

The first few months was like a whirlwind. Guys coming into the shop were constantly hitting on me and propositioning me. Thomas, the owner/man that hired me, was worried I would get burned out by it, but I just took it in stride. In fact, my ability to turn the guys down without looking like a bitch lead to Thomas giving me a substantial raise. He said I was bringing in tons of money and he wanted to make sure I stayed right there.

There was one customer in particular that came in at least once a week. He bought a lot of BDSM books, movies, toys and would often comment about he would love to see me in those positions. I always just smiled and said it sounded hot, but never thought much more of it. Then, one day, he asks me…

“What would it take to get you to be my slave for a week?”

“I don’t think you have enough money.” I said with a flirtatious smile.

“Would twenty grand do it?” He asked. I didn’t have a predetermined response for that and just looked at him, wondering if he was serious. “I’m very wealthy, so I think I might have enough money.” He smiled smugly.

Still not sure if he was serious, I replied. “That would be a good start.”

“Fifty thousand dollars. For one week you are my property. Interested?” A serious expression came over his face.

“Is this for real?” I asked.

“Absolutely. We can work out the details later, but I need a yes or no answer before I leave.”

“What kind of slave?” I asked, not knowing what he would expect during that week.

“Well, you wouldn’t be picking cotton on my plantation if that’s what you’re thinking. You’ve seen the types of things I buy here. It would be a week of sexual slavery. Lots of bondage, spanking, punishments, humiliation and sexual servitude… you name it and I’m probably into it. Other than spanking, I will not hit or harm you, though many of the things you experience will not be pleasant. As long as you follow directions, the spankings will be mild. If you give me a reason to really punish you, however, you will end up with a very bruised butt.”

It sounded like a scary proposition, but at the same time some aspects of it seemed incredibly hot. I’ve always had a bit of a submissive streak, but most of what he was suggesting seemed extreme. Regardless, fifty thousand dollars for a week out of my life would solve a lot of my financial problems and give me an opportunity to send money to my sister who desperately needed it.

“What if I can’t handle it after it’s started?” Concern and fear dripping from my voice.

“You will have a safeword.” He assured me. “If you use the safeword, everything will stop and you will be allowed to leave. For every day you are there, you will be paid two thousand dollars. If you stay the entire week, without using the safeword, you will receive the entire fifty thousand.”

“When?” I asked. “I will need to make arrangements with the owner to take a week off.”

“This coming Monday would be a good day to start.” It was currently Thursday. “I will speak with your boss and offer to pay him to give you the week off. We can tell him that you are going on vacation with me to take care of my children for the week.”

It seemed like an acceptable cover story, so I nodded my agreement.

“Here is my address.” He handed over a card with his address written on the back. The front of the card had his name – Robert Burgess Attorney At Law. “Be there Monday at noon.”

“Is there anything in particular I need to bring?” I inquired.

“Just yourself. You won’t be needing anything else.” He smiled as he walked out the door.

Thomas, my boss, called later that evening to tell me I could have the following week off. Apparently Robert was a man of his word. He must’ve offered Thomas a substantial amount of money, because he seemed genuinely pleased to give me the week off.

The weekend seemed extra long, which was a good thing. I was incredibly nervous about this arrangement and wasn’t sure if I could handle it. If I used the safeword, it would all be a waste, so I tried to prepare myself for the worst. I watched some of the more extreme BDSM movies in the shop. As Robert had said, most of it just seemed really uncomfortable, but the spanking scenes seemed extreme. I had never been spanked in my life, so I wasn’t sure if I could handle it. I guess I would find out soon enough.

Chapter Two – Day One

Monday morning I got up early and had a good breakfast. I wasn’t sure what to wear, so I dressed the same as I do for work. The directions I got online said it would take thirty minutes to get to Robert’s place, so I left at 11:15 to give myself an extra 15 minutes. I hadn’t counted on getting lost though and didn’t find his house until twenty minutes after noon. I rang the doorbell and Robert answered.

“I thought you may have backed out. You’re late.” He greeted me. “Come in.”

I followed him into the house, but we didn’t go far. He stopped in the hall and opened a drawer in a desk to the right.

“You can put all of your belongings in here and they will be waiting for you at the end of the week.” He said as he pointed at the drawer. Since I had only brought my purse, I placed it inside the drawer and then waited for what came next. He gestured to my body and said “All of your belongings.” When I didn’t catch his meaning at first, he got a little terse and spoke a little louder. “Your clothes too!”

I stripped down and placed all of my clothes into the drawer. When I was finished, I was standing there buck naked and feeling particularly vulnerable.

After looking at my naked body for a few moments and seemingly enjoying my discomfort, he spoke. “Twenty minutes late has earned you your first punishment. Bend forward and place your hands just below your knees with your legs straight. Your safeword for the week is ‘Pomegranate’.”

I did as I was told as I watched him unbuckle and pull the leather belt from his waist. He folded it in half as he positioned himself to my side, giving him a clear path to strike my ass with the belt. He swung the belt through the air and struck my ass right across the middle. I jumped a little, but it didn’t hurt as much as I was expecting. The second stroke landed across the tops of my thighs, which hurt a little more and caused me to let out a bit of a yelp. Twenty strokes landed on various parts of my ass and thighs before he stopped.

He seemed pleased that I had taken the spanking without too much fuss. It definitely hurt, and it’s not something I would want to do often, but the sensation in my ass afterwards was actually turning me on.

“Follow me.” he ordered as he turned and walked down the hall. He walked into a room at the end of the hall as I followed closely behind. This room was nothing like I had expected to find in his house. The entire weekend I had imagined some medieval dungeon in his basement or a woodshed stocked with implements of torture.

Instead, I found myself standing in a child’s nursery. There was a large crib in the middle of the room, a changing table against the back wall and an open closet full of infantile clothes in adult sizes. Upon further inspection, I noticed piles of adult diapers stacked neatly under the changing table.

Robert led me to the changing table and lifted me up onto it by grasping my waist with his hands. “Lay down” he commanded. I lay down on the table as he retrieved a few things from under the table.

A few moments later, he was lifting my legs by the ankles until my ass was lifted a few inches off the table. A disposable adult diaper was placed under me and then he spent the next ten minutes rubbing lotion into my ass and crotch. His fingers slipped in and out of my pussy repeatedly and his thumbs found my clitoris over and over again. Just as I was really getting into it, he removed his hands and smiled down at me in a wicked way.

He grabbed the bottle of baby powder nearby and sprinkled a health dose all over my crotch and ass. The diaper was then pulled up between my legs and fastened tightly around my waist. At this point I realized it was an incredibly thick diaper.

“Sit up.” he ordered, but it turned out a bit more difficult a command than anticipated. The bulk of the diaper threw off my balance a bit and he had to help me to sit up. Sitting on the edge of the table, the first thing I noticed was that I couldn’t move my legs together. The thickness of the material between my things was pushing them apart almost comically.

Robert once again placed his hands at the sides of my waist and lifted me off the table. Even standing up the bulk between my legs was evident and I couldn’t help but to stand with bowed legs. He grasped my hand and led me to the other side of the room where the closet was waiting. I had to waddle to walk, which Robert found amusing.

With the diapers and giant nursery, I was expecting him to dress me up like a doll or infant. Instead, he pulled a skimpy pink maid’s uniform from the closet with a rather flamboyant set of starched petticoats.

He pulled the petticoats up my legs and over the diaper as I balanced myself by holding his shoulders. They were flared out in a rather ridiculous fashion, but Robert seemed pleased by them. The maid uniform was pulled over my head and he took his time fitting it to my body. There were lots of little ribbons to tie for a formed fit, which served to accentuate every aspect of my body.

When he was finished with the uniform, he brushed out my long black hair into pigtails and tied them off with pink ribbons that he tied into intricate bows matching the uniform. A collar was then placed around my neck. It was pink leather with a little metal tab that said ‘Melinda’. After fastening the buckle on the collar, a small heart shaped lock was added to prevent it’s removal.

He seemed satisfied with my transformation as he looked me over with an ear to ear grin on his face. He turned toward the closet and closed the doors to reveal full length mirrors on the front. The image I saw reflected in the mirror was almost comical. The bows in my hair were extravagantly tied into the fanciest bows I had ever seen. The uniform was much more form fitting than I had realized, as my breasts jutted out in front of me and the faux corset that was sewn into the uniform made my waist look particularly slim. The dress stuck almost straight out with the firmly starch petticoats clearly visible underneath. Below that, the thick disposable diaper was clearly visible.

“You look amazing!” Robert exclaimed with the giddiness of a schoolboy. “I couldn’t have hoped for better.”

“Thank you sir” was the only response I could think to give.

“Can you get down on your knees by yourself or do you need some help?” He asked.

I bent one knee to the ground and then the other and managed to get down to my knees by myself. I had thought he just wanted to see if I could do it, but he had other plans. He walked towards me while unbuttoning his pants and pulled his semi-erect penis from his trousers. Knowing what was expected, I took his cock into my mouth and tried my best to give him a good blowjob.

I wrapped one hand around the back of his cock and the other I used to cup his balls. I twisted my tongue around the head and fit as much as I could into my mouth, but deep throating wasn’t in my skill set. He was disappointed that I wasn’t taking him down my throat and every time he tried to thrust it in further I would gag and pull back. After several attempts with the same response, he pulled me to my feet and grabbed the ring on my collar as he led me out of the room.

He pulled me into another room that looked much more like what I was expecting when I arrived. Lots of medieval looking devices, bondage furniture and a wall covered in paddles, restraints and sex toys. In the middle of the room was a pillory, which was our destination. He lifted the top portion of the pillory stocks and motioned for me to place myself in the appropriate position. My neck into the center hole and my wrists into the side holes. The top was lowered back into place and I realized I was firmly stuck in this position.

“No more pulling back now” He said as he positioned himself in front of my face. His cock was still jutting out from his pants as he guided it to my mouth. “Relax your throat and trust me.” He started with just the head of his cock in my mouth, but slowly moved it back until I started to gag. Pulling back, he waited until I stopped gagging and then pushed forward again. He tried repeatedly, but the gagging didn’t diminish.

“Perhaps you need something else to focus on.” He said with an ominous tone as he disappeared behind me.

A few moments later, I felt him loosening the top tabs of the diaper I wore. This allowed him to pull the diaper down far enough to expose my ass. After another moment, I felt something pressing against my asshole and thought he was about to fuck me in the ass. But, as I felt the object get wider and wider, I realized it was just a butt plug. He pressed it in firmly, but slowly until it passed the widest point and came to rest firmly lodged in my ass. Then, suddenly, the plug came to life and began to vibrate inside of me.

Robert returned to the front of the pillory and once again placed his cock into my mouth. We went through the same motions and despite the vibrating plug in my ass, I couldn’t focus on anything more than my fear of choking and the gagging didn’t cease. Robert seemed to be getting particularly displeased and devised another plan.

Walking to the wall beside me, Robert retrieved a clear lexan paddle from the wall and disappeared behind me once again. The first impact made me yelp in pain. Each subsequent swat brought tears to my eyes and after fifteen strokes I was contemplating my safeword. Luckily he stopped at fiften and returned again to the front of the pillory.

After wiping the tears from my face, he once again placed his cock into my mouth. Not wanting a repeat of that paddling, I concentrated on other things as I let him slowly slide his cock into my throat time and time again. He seemed pleased with my progress and before long was fucking my face with abandon. I didn’t gag again until he sprayed his load into my throat while buried balls deep in my mouth.

He left me in the pillory with the butt plug still vibrating away in my ass while he pulled up my diaper and left the room without a word. A few minutes later I heard the shower running. I wasn’t sure how long I would be stuck here, but my lower back was already starting to ache. The vibrations from the plug were having an effect on my bladder and it wasn’t long before I was desperate to pee. Robert still hadn’t returned and even though I was wearing a diaper, I wasn’t sure if he intended for me to use them that way.

I perked up when I heard the shower stop and waited for Robert to return. But after another twenty minutes, I knew I couldn’t rely on him returning when I wanted him to. The pressure in my bladder became too much and I released a torrent of urine into the diaper. It was much warmer than expected. It actually felt rather hot and was something of a turn on.

I was stuck in the pillory for probably three hours before Robert returned. He immediately noticed the yellow stain in the diaper and commented, “Someone’s got a pissy diaper.”

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