Diapered Sex Slave for Pay Pt. 2(Story)

After a few hours of cuddling, John mentioned that he was hungry and ready for some lunch. I asked what he would like to eat and he responded that he wanted to go out for seafood. A mild sense of panic set in when I realized he intended to take me out into public. I really didn’t think I could handle utter public exposure. He had other ideas though.

He grabbed me by the hand and led me back to the nursery once again. After removing the sleeper and unfastening the top tapes of both diapers I was wearing, he ordered me to bend over and grab my ankles. I was expecting a spanking, but instead he grabbed a good sized butt plug from the wall, lubed it and shoved it roughly into my ass. He explained that he didn’t want any stinky diapers while we were out, so was taking precautions. After refastening the top tapes of both diapers, he retrieved a pair of clear locking plastic panties and pulled them up my legs and over the diapers. The chain through the waist was pulled extra tight and padlocked at the small of my back.

John then went to a nearby closet and picked out several articles of clothing. The first thing he put on me was a white t-shirt with the Pampers logo on the chest. Next came a pair of denim shortalls that were adjusted to fit me. I realized the full cut of the shortalls did a great job of hiding the thick diapers underneath, but John wasn’t going to allow that. He grabbed each leg and rolled them up a few inches each. This made them fit tight around the legs and accentuated the fact that i was thickly diapered. There was also elastic sewn into the lower back, which also worked to betray my undergarments. Short socks and tennis shoes completed the outfit, but John decided to add one more layer to my humiliation in the form of a pacifier attached to the bib of the overalls.

It wasn’t until we left the house that I realized the combination of double thick diapers and large butt plug made me walk a little funny. It was sort of a half waddle, half walk. He led me to his car and opened the door for me. I climbed in gingerly, very aware of the intruder in my ass, but John insisted I sit straight up as he reached in to buckle my seatbelt. This, of course, caused the plug to press even deeper into my ass which was incredibly uncomfortable.

After buckling me in, John climbed into the driver seat and drove us about twenty minutes away to a fast food seafood restaurant. It wasn’t very crowded, but it still felt like everyone was staring at me. John forced me to suck on the pacifier as we stood at the counter and he ordered an all you can eat for himself and a kids meal for me. He took his time eating and went back for more multiple times. Obviously a ploy to increase my discomfort by keeping me in the public eye as long as possible.

When he finally had his full, we left the restaurant and climbed back into the car. Instead of going back to his place though, he drove us to the local mall. I started to have a panic attack at the thought of walking through crowds of people dressed like this, but he assured me we were only going to one clothing store and not the main mall.

As we walked through the door of the clothing store, a young woman came toward us and asked if we needed any help. In a very matter of fact tone, John informed her that we were shopping for skirts that could be worn over diapers without exposing them. The woman glanced my direction as my face blushed deep red. Being as professional as she could manage, she invited us to follow her to the ladies section where she helped John pick out half a dozen potential skirts.

John asked if there was somewhere I could try them on, she walked us to the nearby changing rooms. He handed me the skirts and told me to try them on one at a time and to step out while wearing each one, so he could see for himself. The first skirt was way too short and the diapers were clearly visible from any angle. Knowing better than to disobey him, I stepped out of the changing room and watched as the saleslady stifled a laugh. Without the overalls on, not only did the skirt not cover the diapers, but the Pampers logo on the front of my shirt was clearly visible.

Of the half dozen skirts I had to try on, he was only satisfied with one. That one wasn’t much better than the others. As long as I stood up straight, it hid the diapers, but the slightest bend would expose my secret to anyone watching. John asked if I could wear it out and the saleslady said of course. She simply cut the tags off the skirt as I was wearing it, which she had to flip up the back of the skirt to reach one of the tags – exposing my diapered ass even more. It was clear she understood the humiliation dynamic and was taking part. Dressed in the Pampers shirt and short skirt, we walked to the cash register and John paid for the skirt. We then headed back to the car for the trip back to his place.

Back at his place, he undressed me down to my diapers as soon as we walked in the door. He told me that was one of the hottest things he had ever experienced and he needed some relief. I started to get on my knees, thinking he was asking for a blowjob, but he had other plans. He unlocked the plastic panties and took them off. Then he pulled the slightly damp diaper down to my knees before bending me over the back of the couch.

I heard him pull the belt from his jeans moments before I felt the first swat across my ass. I jumped a little, but held onto the couch firmly. Stroke after stroke came until I was bawling once again. I was starting to figure this man out. He was turned on more by the crying than the spanking. Would have to remember that in the future and not hold back the tears.

The spanking stopped, so I looked over my shoulder to see him rip open a condom and roll it down his hard cock. Then he grabbed the plug in my ass and pulled it out, but it was quickly replaced by his dick. He pounded my asshole for about five minutes before climaxing and pulling out. As he pulled up his pants and rethreaded his belt, he told me to go stand in the corner. I waddled to the corner as quickly as I could with the diapers still around my knees.

To be continued… Click here for Part 3.


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