Diapered Sex Slave for Pay! (Story)

This is a story I had floating around in my head, so thought I would jot down the first part of it. I intend to finish it, but no clue when that will be. Perhaps with some feedback I will finish it sooner than later. =)


I can’t believe I’m going through with this. If I wasn’t desperate for the money, I never would have agreed to become someone’s sex slave for two weeks. Amazing what $50,000 can convince a person to do, especially when they’re in danger of losing their house.

Under normal circumstances, I would have assumed he simply wanted to have sex all the time for that period of incarceration. However, his list of potential activities has me scared. Adult diapers, anal plugs, enemas, bondage, spanking… and that was just the mild stuff.

Ding dong! I rang the doorbell at the address I was given at 8pm on the dot. A moment later, John, a man in his 40s answered the door and invited me in. We shared a few minutes of small talk about the drive down and about my nervousness. He asked for ID to make sure I was of age. He seemed satisfied with my age of 19.

Next he pulled out a contract from a nearby desk drawer and asked me to read and sign it. It detailed everything we spoke about in email and over the phone. How I would spend the next two weeks completely at his mercy. If at any point I chose to leave, I would be paid only $500 per day. I signed it and handed it back to him. He then showed me the $50,000 in cash I would be paid at the end of the two weeks.

After locking the contract and the cash into the desk drawer, he grabbed me by the hand and led me to another room with a large crib in the center. There was also a wall covered with baby supplies, such as diapers, wipes, powders, cremes, ointments, etc. Another wall was dominated by paddles, straps, gags and bondage equipment. Along the back wall was a large changing table covered in straps that were obviously designed to hold someone down. Next to that was a large pink pillory and a set of standing stocks.

We had stepped only a couple feet into the room when John stopped me by grabbing the waistband of my jeans. He turned me to face him as he unbuckled my belt and slowly undressed me. Once I was naked, he said my first day would be an example of what I could expect if I refused to follow directions.

He led me to the pillory where I was bent over at a 90 degree angle and my neck and wrists locked into place. A large ball gag was shoved into my mouth and fastened behind my head. He walked away and for several minutes I thought this was what he had planned. My lower back was already becoming sore and I knew even a short period of time in this contraption would be incredibly uncomfortable.

I could hear him walking around the room, but with my view of the wall and floor I had no idea what he was doing. I figured it out after a few minutes when I felt his hand near my anus. Without warning, I felt something press against my sphincter and then suddenly penetrate it. He did this three times before I felt something large press against my asshole. It was clearly a lubed up plug, as I could feel it get wider and wider as he pushed it into my ass. My sphincter spread painfully as the plug invaded me until it finally popped into place at the smaller base.

It only took me a minute to realize the first three intrusions were suppositories, as I felt them melting inside of me and doing their job. I could already feel the need to poop, but with the plug in the way it wasn’t going to happen. And it was only going to get worse.

Much worse it seems. Shortly after I realized what he had done, I felt the sting of a leather belt across my ass. If I hadn’t been locked into the pillory, I would have jumped through the ceiling. The belt fell hard across my ass over and over for what seemed like an eternity. By the time he stopped, maybe 50 or 60 swats, I was bawling my eyes out.

He wasn’t finished though, as he had simply gone to the wall to choose a different implement. I screamed into the gag when I felt the large wooden paddle on my already reddened ass. He commented to himself about how easily I bruised from a wooden paddle, which was followed by another ten hard strokes across my ass. My ass was on fire and I was ready to go home, but I couldn’t let him know that because I was bound and gagged.

After putting the paddle away, John returned to my side and slid his hand down between my legs and began to massage my pussy and clitoris. As much as my ass hurt and the urge to poop was overwhelming, I felt myself becoming turned on. He fingered my pussy for several minutes before I had the most powerful orgasm of my life. Surprisingly, the urge to go home was replaced with the desire to earn that money.

Next, he spent another ten minutes rubbing baby lotion into my throbbing butt. He then unlocked the pillory and helped me to stand up before leading me to the changing table. It was rather high off the ground, so he picked me up and laid me down on the table. He pulled out two thick disposable diapers and placed them under my ass. After making sure they were placed well, he grabbed the base of the plug in my ass and slowly started to pull. It hurt like hell at first, but after the thickest part passed my sphincter it just slid right out.

The first diaper was quickly pulled up between my legs and taped into place. He spent a minute with a razor blade cutting slits in that diaper before pulling the second diaper into place and taping it up. John then removed the gag from my mouth and helped me off the table. I was tempted to ask to use the toilet, but I knew he wouldn’t allow it and feared the punishment I might incur if I asked.

I was led to the side of the crib where John left me for a moment. He opened a closet and returned holding a straitjacket. He held it up in front of me and I knew what was expected. I slid my arms into place and then he pulled the jacket closed behind me and began to fasten the straps. After pulling the sleeves tight and locking my arms in a self bear hug, he reached down and pulled the crotch straps extra tight. I realized at this point that pooping was going to be a chore.

Once he was satisfied that the straitjacket was tight and inescapable, he lifted me once again and placed me inside the crib. The side was raised up and I realized there was no way I would be getting out. He placed a pacifier in my mouth and told me if it wasn’t still in my mouth when he came in the next morning, I would earn another punishment.

I lay there for two hours desperately trying to poop, but the tight straps seemed to make it impossible. Finally I discovered that if I rolled onto my belly and up on my knees, my ass would stick up and the straps would slide to the tops of my legs just enough to allow me to poop. After fifteen minutes of messing my diaper, I finally felt human again. Although, the mess had spread to all areas of the diaper and it stunk horribly. It took me another hour to fall asleep, but sleep did come as I was exhausted.

At daybreak, the sun was shining through the window so brightly it woke me up. There were no clocks, so I had no idea what time it was. My entire diaper area was itching from the mess I had been lying in all night. I also had to pee really bad. To top it off, I realized the pacifier had fallen out of my mouth while I slept and was lying at the edge of the mattress. I rolled over to scoop it back up into my mouth, but I bumped it with my nose and it fell onto the floor. Tears came to my eyes very quickly knowing this meant another punishment.

It must’ve been very early, because after laying there for an hour I still heard no signs that John was awake yet. The urge to pee became unbearable and I realized if I didn’t pee before he changed me I would just end up in a wet diaper immediately after being changed. Of course the urine quickly mixed with the mess in my diaper and really churned things up. The smell, which had dissapated overnight returned twofold.

After probably three hours of waiting for John, I heard his footsteps in the hallway. The door opened and John walked in buck naked with a raging hardon. He walked to the crib and placed his hard penis between the bars of the crib and told me to drink my milk. I scooted as best I could and took his cock into my mouth. After a few minutes(and a sore neck), he started to climax. He warned me that if I didn’t swallow every drop I would pay for it. When his climax hit, he squirted so forcefully into my mouth I began to choke on his semen and instinctively pulled my head back. This caused him to squirt the rest of his load onto my face.

He gave me a disappointed look, then bent over and retrieved the pacifier from the floor. After placing it back into my mouth, he told me he would be back after his shower to commence my punishment and then left. Here I was, an attractive 19 year old girl, sitting in a filthy diaper, sucking on a pacifier with semen covering half my face.

It took John about an hour to finish his morning rituals. When he returned to the nursery, he pulled down the side of the crib and helped me to my feet. He led me to the attached bathroom where he first removed the straitjacket. Next he had me stand in the large shower as he unfastened the diapers and let them fall to the shower floor. The shower was turned on and the detachable sprayer was used to clean me thoroughly from head to toe.

I was still soaking wet, as John placed leather restraints around my wrists and locked them behind my back. A rope was then attached to the restraints. This rope went through an eye hook in the ceiling of the shower, then pulled down to another eye hook on the wall. He pulled it slowly, causing my wrists to be lifted into the air behind my back. This forced me to bend forward as he pulled them up into an almost painful position above me. The rope was then tied off to the hook in the wall.

John left the room only to return a few moments later carrying the largest enema bag I have ever seen. It must have held at least two gallons. On the end of the tube was a black enema nozzle shaped like a butt plug with an inflator bulb attached to that. He turned on the water in the sink and tested it with his hand until he was satisfied with the temperature. I watched in horror as he filled the bag to the brim.

After hanging the bag from the shower rod, John added a little lube to the nozzle and then quickly shoved it right into my ass. After squeezing the inflator bulb six times I was ready to cry. When he hit ten, I squealed and yelled out the F word. He stopped squeezing, which was a blessing, but only long enough to grab a bar of soap and stick it into my mouth. Then, he squeezed the bulb two more times for good measure and then pulled on it a few times to ensure a tight seal. The inflated nozzle didn’t exactly hurt, but inflated as much as it was I had an incredibly desperate urge to poop.

Without warning, he released the valve on the enema and I felt the full force of two gallons of water rushing into my colon. He used hot water, so there was very little cramping, but after just a minute I felt fuller than I ever had in my life. I couldn’t help but grunt from the water filling up my ass. I began to cry when he announced that the bag was only half empty. I looked down and could clearly see my belly begin to distend.

Once the bag was empty, he announced that I needed to hold it for fifteen minutes to get the most benefit of the cleansing. As uncomfortable as it was, I had become resigned to my fate at this point and just tried to focus my mind on happy thoughts as I waited for the clock to tick down.

When that fifteen minutes had passed, he pulled the nozzle from my ass, closed the shower curtain and walked out of the room. It was only a matter of seconds before the contents of my ass began to spill out into the bath tub and down the drain. I stood there, still bound, for probably half an hour slowly spilling more and more of my bowels.

When it was clear my colon was empty, John returned to clean me up. He pulled the bar of soap from my mouth and used the shower sprayer to clean my lower body once again. I was then unbound and led back to the nursery.

In the nursery, John helped me up onto the changing table and taped me up into double thick diapers once again. Next he pulled a snap crotch sleeper over my head and snapped it into place. He then sent me to the kitchen with orders to make us some breakfast.

As requested, I cooked pancakes, eggs and sausage for breakfast. I served John his plate and when I went to sit down next to him at the table, he stopped me. He instead pulled an adult sized high chair out of a nearby closet and placed it next to the table. He motioned for me to sit down and then he latched the tray into place. He gave me my plate, but utensils. Like an infant, I had to eat my breakfast with my fingers which made quite the mess. Next he retrieved a bottle of milk from the fridge and placed on the tray as well. After breakfast, he gently cleaned my hands and face with a washcloth and let me out of the high chair.

I followed him into the living room where he removed his shirt, lay on the couch and demanded a massage. I massaged him for well over an hour. Then he told me to go wash the breakfast dishes while he watched the game on television.

It only took me about twenty minutes to clean the kitchen, so I returned to the living room to see what else he had in store for me. He stood up, dropped his pants and underwear and told me to suck his cock until the game was over. I sat there on my knees with his cock in my mouth for nearly two hours. He stayed hard the entire time, but never climaxed. My knees, lower back, neck and jaw were sore as hell.

He seemed satisfied with this, so he motioned for me to sit next to him on the couch. We cuddled for several hours while watching movies. All I could focus on was not earning any more punishments, but I knew that the punishments turned him on so they were bound to happen regardless.

To be continued… Click here for Part 2.

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  1. i love it! always see stories with lots of punishment but no sex. but the sex is just as much a part of it as the pain and humiliation of the punishments. kudos!


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