Alyssa’s Enema & Messy Diaper

In this video we see Alyssa locked into the pillory trying her best not to mess her diaper. About an hour earlier, Daddy gave her a small fleet-type glycerin enema. Not wanting to mess her diaper for the first time, she held it in. You see, Daddy told her if she could hold it until dinner time, he would let her use the toilet instead of her diaper. After nearly an hour of holding in a glycerin enema, she finally succumbs to the cramps and fills her diaper. Too bad for her…

Note: Alyssa Messing in Pillory Video Sample is copyrighted and property of and it’s owner. Please feel free to share as long as the watermark is left intact and the video unedited.

Note: All girls on Diapered Online appear voluntarily and are not subjected to diaper punishment against their will. If you enjoy seeing gorgeous diaper girls being punished, please enjoy these sample clips. If not, please go elsewhere. Thank you.

26 comments on “Alyssa’s Enema & Messy Diaper

  1. This clip is sooooo hot.I love the whole idea of having an enema and then messing your diapers after.I would have loved to be there to see it all live and in person.we need to see the enema next time.A cute little girl having an enema and messing her diapers after ,that’s about as hot as it gets.keep up the good work.fill those diapers like a good girls should.!!!!!!

    • Yeah! That’s how messy little girls should be treated. They should have to fully experience their mess. If I had someone to punish me they’d push me onto my messy bottom again and again, while laughing and making fun of me. Also I’d get spanked before changed so I can learn to be less of a gross messy baby.

  2. I would give her a pint of castor oil , paddle her good . And then put her in the stocks and just sit back and listen to the groons and watch her dance till the load drops

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