Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a great New Year’s celebration. My friend Jodie and I went to a DD(domestic discipline) party with some local DD friends. There were 12 couples/duos there this year, so it was enough to make it fun but not too many to make it awkward.

Jodie was dressed in a Bambino diaper with a butt plug to keep her diaper somewhat clean and a short lingerie top with a built in corset. We wanted to do a Baby New Year sash, but didn’t find the right materials in time. Of the other attendants, there were two other subs in diapers but both were male. Seven of the 12 couples were male dom/female sub, four were female dom/male sub and one was female dom/female sub.

Most of the night was pretty relaxed. Lots of small talk about setting up munches or other get togethers. Early on most people seemed a little embarrassed to discuss their lifestyle, but as a few people broke out of their shells the topics changed to the lifestyle. I got a lot of questions about my web site, which I answered as best I could.

Jody wet her diaper about an hour into the party, but even I wasn’t sure if it was appropriate to change her someone else’s home. Then one of the other doms asked if she could change her boy’s diaper and the host insisted it was fine. She changed his wet diaper right in the middle of the room, which made him blush and try to hide his face. Most likely because he was locked in chastity under his diaper. He was wearing some cheap store brand diaper and a leather vest. Probably around 45 years old I would guess. He was really hairy and looked a bit ridiculous to be honest.

The other diapered sub was wearing really thick cloth diapers and pink, locking plastic pants. He was dressed as a sissy with a blouse and short skirt that looked like something out of the 70s. The retro outfit did make some sense though, because he must’ve been in his late 50s.

I waited a little bit before asking the host if she minded me changing Jodie’s diaper. She said it was fine, so I laid her down behind the couch and got to work. Everyone was staring, which really embarrassed Jodie, but she was a good sport about it. She did cover her face at one point though when someone asked me how big the plug was in her ass. It was medium sized and about two inches in diameter.

About ten minutes before midnight, the host told everyone we were going to spank in the new year. At the 30 second mark, all the subs were to grab their ankles and the doms would give them one swat for every count starting at ten. The first sub to lose their position would get the first spanking of the new year from everyone and would be given 13 swats from each dom at the party. If none of the subs lost their position, then each sub would receive only 13 swats from their dom.

I chose to use a wooden paddle I had brought and Jodie asked me not to use paddle her with a plug in her ass, so I agreed to remove it. At the 30 second mark, I pulled down her diaper to her knees and removed the plug and placed it in my bag. The countdown loomed…

10 – SWAT
9 – SWAT
8 – SWAT
7 – SWAT
6 – SWAT
5 – SWAT
4 – SWAT
3 – SWAT
2 – SWAT
1 – SWAT
Happy New Year!

One of the other girls, a slightly overweight asian girl was the first to lose her composure and was pointed out by the host and her dom. She was placed front and center near the TV and locked into a set of bar stocks by her dom. While they were preparing her, I squeezed a mini-enema into Jodie’s ass and helped her pull up her diaper. She knew I did something back there, but didn’t realize it was a mini-enema.

The doms all took turns giving the loser girl her swats. 13 from each with a leather paddle. Her dom confessed that his first swat was particularly hard to make sure she would earn the first spanking of the new year. She was a masochist though, so she rather enjoyed her lengthy paddling.

By the time it was over, Jodie looked to be in real distress. She gave me a look of hatred, which I laughed off. She was so desperate to shit, she asked the host where to find the bathroom. The host just looked at me and asked if she was allowed. I, of course, said no. Within minutes she lost control and filled her diaper rather loudly. The subs all remained quiet, but the doms all wrinkled their noses and made comments like “Someone oughtta potty train that girl” and “Someone did a stinky!”. The two men in diapers were enthralled by the site of a 25 year old cutie shitting her diapers though. Both stared so hard that one of them got slapped for it.

The party ended at 1am and we headed back to my place. Jodie had a good time, but was a little upset about being forced to shit herself at the party. She said it was a huge turnon, but she felt it was inappropriate. We will see if I get any complaints in the next few days from the host. I honestly don’t think she or her guests minded. I think they rather enjoyed her humiliation.

Happy New Years!

– DaddyJ

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    • I talked to her last night and she was not upset at all. I didn’t expect she would be or I wouldn’t have put Jodie in that situation. We have been friends for several years and she does occasionally use diaper punishment on her husband. She said it was perfectly fine and that she had actually already received some positive feedback from other guests about it. 🙂

  1. Very nice. I went to a New Years fetish party as well. My date was a semi-professional domme. We didn’t have much focus on us though. It was a much larger fetish party with hundreds of people attending. I was wearing triple thick Tenas with peace sign duct tape wrapped around the waist for security and a very short pink maid uniform with high heels. On my wrists were leather cuffs and these were attached to my collar by 24 inch chains.

    There were some great displays on stage of cute sub girls getting spanked and a two guys doing some fire play with each other. I saw two other guys in diapers, but we didn’t have a chance to chat. One had a male dom with him and I believe the other was alone. There was a girl wearing a pullup I believe, but her skirt did a good job of covering it. The one time I saw her bed over, it certainly looked like a pullup anyway. There was another girl that was there with a makeshift towel diaper and a sash that said 2013. Pretty sure she wasn’t ABDL and was simply doing the baby new year thing, but never know. Wishful thinking most likely, because she was crazy hot. lol

  2. Hi there DaddyJ! I didn’t even know this site existed before I heard you all talking about it at the party. My scene name is Baby Bobbie and I was the 63 year old diapered sissy you mentioned above. Thanks for saying late 50s though! Made my day.

    It was a lot of fun and both me and my Mommy/Wife hope to see you at more functions in the near future. Have a great new year!!

    • Thanks for visiting. I did have a good time and now that I know about the group, I’m sure I will be attending more events.

      By the way, you definitely don’t look 63. I know several people in their 60s and you definitely look much younger.

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