July 2017 #3

Third update for July. Alisha, Lolly, Muffin, Pookie and Taylor for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy! 🙂

1. The girls were supposed to be in bed a while ago, but when Daddy comes to check on them they are still watching movies. When he admonishes them for disobeying him, Lolly throws a little tantrum and promptly goes over Daddy’s lap for a spanking on her thick diapered butt. Since the other girls neglected to go to bed on time as well, they each take a turn over his lap. Muffin, then Pookie and finally Taylor.

2. Lolly is locked in the pillory, thickly diapered and soaking wet. She is holding in an enema and desperately trying to keep from messing herself, knowing full well she will be there for a while. Muffin thinks it would be funny to use the magic wand on Lolly and make her mess her diaper, so Daddy will keep her in the messy diaper for longer. It doesn’t take too long for Lolly to lose control and fill her diaper.

3. Alisha has been in trouble at work due to her constant need for a bathroom break. As a solution, Alisha is sent to her next appointment wearing two diapers. She boldly does her work as a massage therapist while wearing the extra thick diaper. Her client is in for a surprise!

4. Lolly is in the backyard, waiting for Muffin to come out and play badminton. She really needs to pee, however, so pulls up her skirt in front of the camera and drenches her diaper. A few moments later, Muffin makes her way outside and the two play a spirited game of badminton – both showing off their diapers as they run around.

5. Taylor and Muffin are sitting in class, waiting for the teacher to return. When Lolly does return, she finds that Taylor has found the answer key book and is talking about copy the answers for future tests. Lolly stands the girl up, pulls down her diaper and spanks her long and hard to teach her a lesson about cheating. After her butt is bright red, she pulls up her diaper and tells her to sit with Muffin on the floor until the end of class.

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