June 2016 #1

This week, we have six videos for you to enjoy! As always, feedback is appreciated. 🙂

1. When Taylor and Mia get in trouble for talking back, their daddies decide they need a thorough cleaning out. So, Taylor is locked in the pillory and Mia is bound bent over the cage. Taylor gets a full two quarts of soapy water, while Mia gets several bulb syringes of the same. After Mia is locked in the cage, both daddies leave the room to prepare dinner as the girls empty their bowels into the thick diapers.

2. Taylor and her Daddy went out to the lake to hike through the woods. Daddy made sure his little girl was wearing a thick diaper for the trip. As they returned from their hike, her diaper was soaking wet, so Daddy opened the back of the truck and changed her diaper right there in the parking lot. After putting her in a fresh diaper, they went back down to the lake to look at the water. Taylor’s bladder was once again full, so Daddy pulls down her diaper and insists that she pee right there on the dock. He’s a little upset that she already has to pee so quickly after a change, so the humiliation of public exposure is her reward.

3. Once again, Pookie has been caught texting and driving. She needs to know that distracted driving is dangerous and a sore bottom is the perfect reminder. So, Daddy takes her over his knee for a long hard spanking. He starts with his hand as a warm up and then switches to the hairbrush to drive home the lesson. After leaving bruises on both her cheeks, he flips her over onto the bed and puts her into a nice thick diaper. She is going to be thankful for the extra padding when she tries to sit.

4. When Daddy notices several cigarette butts in the yard, he tells Mia to go out and pick them. Since leaving her butts around is not allowed, he promises her ten swats over his knee for every cigarette butt in the yard. After she picks them up, he makes her count them for a total of ten. He takes her to the nursery and removes her soaked diaper before pulling her over his lap. Using the hairbrush, he gives her over a hundred swats. Her ass is quite bruised from the beating when he finishes and puts her back into a thick diaper.

5. Rita is enjoying some relaxing time in the crib. She looks adorable wearing her princess shirt and diaper as she lounges in the crib with her favorite coloring book. Rita seems very at home sitting in the crib while she enjoys her regression time. After she finishes coloring her picture it is time to go outside and play! Before she can go outside she must first put more clothing on. Rita slips into her shortalls and ensures her diaper is completely covered before she goes outside.

6. Daddy drags Red into the nursery by her hair and stops in front of the cage. He tells her to strip her pants off, revealing Red’s diaper which is very wet. Daddy makes her crawl into the cage before he locks it. Red is forced to sleep in the cage for the night due to her problematic smart-mouth. She sits in the cage and has difficulty accepting her punishment. Red pouts and pulls at the sides of the cage hopelessly. Red perks up when Daddy comes back into the nursery a few minutes later to check on her. She is hopeful that he will let her out. Instead Daddy stands over top of Red in the cage and discusses her punishment with her, making sure she understands his decision. The pouting Red requests a pillow and throws a tantrum when Daddy tells her she may not have one. Red gets herself into more trouble as Daddy informs her that her behavior has earned her staying in the cage all day. He tells her good night and leaves the nursery.

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