June 2016 #3

This week, we have seven videos that I’m sure you will enjoy!

1. When Taylor’s Daddy wakes her up and tells her they are going to have a day at the beach with Mia and her Daddy, she is excited. Daddy changes her diaper and picks out a short skirt for her to wear. He needs to make sure he can easily check her diaper after all.

When they get to the beach, Daddy takes several videos of Taylor smelling the flowers in the rose garden – many times exposing her diapers to anyone that might be walking by. They even go for a long walk through the woods above the beach, where we get a lot of peeks at her thick diaper. At one point, as Taylor and Mia are comparing their diapers, a passerby remarks about the girls’ diapers, which embarrasses them both.

After a few hours walking along the beach, Taylor’s diaper is soaking wet. Daddy finds a family restroom where he can change his baby girl’s diaper. She doesn’t like that the door doesn’t lock, but Daddy isn’t hearing any of her complaints. Up on the changing table she goes. Taylor blushes bright red and hides her face at one point, when another lady walks out of one of the stalls and apologizes for the interruption. How humiliating for Taylor.

2. Mia has been sent to jail, but this jail requires their inmates to wear diapers. Mia refuses to do as they expect and she is now paying the price. Holding it for so long has caused her to become impacted and now she can’t move her bowels at all and the pain is unbearable. The guard decides to offer her some assistance and gives her a large dose of fast-acting laxatives. It doesn’t take long for them to kick in full force, leading to a very messy diaper for Mia.

3. Red is trying hard to finish her chores before Daddy gets home. The kitchen needs to be spotless if she hopes to get a diaper change before bed. She scrubs everything as clean as possible as she moves around the kitchen in her soaked diaper and apron.

4. Mia has been resistant to using her diapers, so Daddy loads up a special program in the virtual reality simulator and ties her to the crib while she experiences full regression in a virtual world. The VR training proves to be particularly effective on Mia.

5. Taylor is wearing a very thick diaper that is quite messy. She wants to touch herself and cum hard, but the thick diaper is making it difficult. And due to the mess inside, she can’t reach her hand in to masturbate. After the magic wand fails to satisfy her, she opts to simply grind hard against the edge of the mattress, which works wonders.

6. Sammy is an amazing artist, which she proves by drawing a picture of herself bent over a desk after a very harsh spanking.

7. Today is ballet day, so Mia is woken by brother David. He changes her soaking wet diaper and helps her get dressed in her ballet outfit. It can be difficult to get over her diaper, so having help is always necessary. After putting on her tights, tutu and fairy wings, it’s time to head to ballet.

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