June 2016 #4

This week, we have six amazing videos for you to enjoy!

1. After spending a night out with several boys, Mia comes home without panties on under her skirt. Daddy is furious and pulls her over his lap for a long, hard spanking. When he asks why she is missing her panties, she lies and tells him she had an accident. Even though he doesn’t believe her, that was the wrong lie to tell because now she is going to get diapers in addition to the spanking. After turning her ass bright red, Daddy puts her into a thick babyish diaper and promises one week of diaper punishment.

2. Taylor is trying to study, but cramps are ruining her night. She knows she needs to use her diaper, but hates sitting in the mess until Daddy gets home. Before long, she decides sitting in a messy diaper would be less uncomfortable than the cramps, so she gets up on her knees and gives it several good pushes as she fills the diaper quite loudly. Now she just has to wait three more hours for Daddy to get home…

3. Pookie is laying on the changing table and locked into the stocks. Her punishment for fidgeting too much when she is supposed to do chores. If she wants to be lazy, he will show her how boring lazy can be. She has been there for some time and finally Daddy comes in to check on her. Finding her diaper soaking wet, he changes her into a fresh diaper. Even though she is being punished, he doesn’t want her to get a rash.

4. Red has been handcuffed to the jail cell bars. Her arms are outstretched far apart and she is helpless with her diaper exposed. Mia teases Red about her diaper and places a pacifier gag in Red’s mouth to silence her complaining. Soon Mia reveals her plan as a purple feather appears in her hand. She wants to force Red to wet her diaper by tickling her until she pees. Mia lightly brushes the feather up and down against Red’s skin. She makes sure to run the feather all the way from Red’s feet up to her tummy and even tickles her neck. Mia walks back over to her table of toys and picks up a plush flogger to continue her tickling game. Once she is finished playing with the flogger she unleashes a paddle on Red’s padded ass. Red finally gives in to Mia’s wishes and agrees to wet her diaper. Mia happily tickles it out of her with a feather. The helpless Red soaks her diaper as she giggles from the feather’s assault.

5. Taylor is lounging in the crib – wearing a pink pullup as she chats with her friend via text. She needs to pee, but doesn’t want to go all the way to the bathroom, so she just releases into the pullup. Unfortunately, Taylor has a very full bladder and her pullup leaks onto the bed. Daddy isn’t going to be happy about this…

6. Mia is coloring on the floor when Daddy comes in to tell her it’s bed time. He checks her diaper and finds that it is very wet. So, he puts her up on the changing table and puts her into a clean diaper and pajamas. Then it’s off to the crib for a good night’s sleep.

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