June 2017 #4

This update, we have some great videos featuring Alisha, Lolly, Muffin, Pookie and Taylor! A couple of my favorites in here, so I hope you enjoy them. 🙂

1. Taylor is spending time with her friends, but she has a little problem with peeing a bit when she laughs or sneezes. Unfortunately, her hilarious friends make her laugh multiple times and her panties need changed. She knows she should have worn a pull-up, but she was worried her friends would find out.

When her friends leave the room to get drinks, she calls her sister and asks her to bring a change of underwear – begging her not to tell their mother. However, when her sister shows up a short time later, she is carrying the diaper bag that her mother only uses when she is on diaper punishment. Her sister ratted her out and now she is going to be put into a diaper right in front of her friends. Of course, her friends think it’s hilarious that the girl is diapered by her sister and tease her about it.

2. Muffin is locked in the stocks at a clinic for wayward girls. An orderly brings in another girl, Lolly, who is strapped into a straitjacket and wheelchair – an empty enema bag hanging from the back of the chair with the tube leading into her diaper. They discuss their time at the clinic and the insane, humiliating treatment they are receiving. With the nozzle still buried in her ass, Lolly is desperate to release the enema, but unable to do so.

3. Alisha is in trouble for backtalking yet again. Daddy takes her to the corner and reaches down her diaper to give her a mini-enema. If she’s going to run at the mouth, she may as well run at the other end as well. It doesn’t take long for Alisha to lose control and fill her diaper to capacity. She is going to be in the corner for the a while though and no diaper changes until bed time – if she’s good!

4. Pookie has just been diapered and dressed by Daddy. She is enjoying some regression time in the nursery coloring on the floor. Pookie picks out a puppy coloring book to match the new onesie that Daddy got her. The cute diaper girl enjoys her coloring and the secure feeling of the diaper underneath her onesie.

5. Muffin is locked in the wall stocks for punishment, but sister Lolly decides to tease the poor girl. Using the magic wand, she rubs it across her diapered clit until she is moaning and desperate for release. Of course, with the power of the magic wand, it doesn’t take long before she builds to a massive orgasm. Unfortunately, Lolly is a tease and stops just short of allowing Muffin to orgasm, leaving her desperate for more.

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