June: Update #3 – Four Diaper Girls

Eight videos featuring four of your favorite diaper girls this week.

1. Diaper Girls Adriana and Taylor get a little overly horny in their thick diapers and decide to work out their frustrations on each other. This video starts off with Adriana using the magic wand on Taylor. She rubs the vibrating monster into Taylor’s diapered crotch until the girl is squealing with delight. Then, it’s Adriana’s turn as Taylor uses the wand on her diapered pussy. After a bit of mutual masturbation, they decide to scissor up and share the magic wand. Very hot video for fans of diaper sex.

2. Ten has been a bit bratty lately, so Dominic decides she needs a good cleaning out. The humiliation of being forced to mess her diapers usually does wonders for taming brats. He starts with her laying on the changing table as he strips her down to nothing. After a few swats on her bared ass, he squeezes in the enemas until she is whimpering. After taping the diaper up nice and tight, he makes her turn her ass toward the camera as she fills the diaper. So much humiliation for this diaper girl. After she has thoroughly messed her diaper, Dominic teases her a bit then gives her a very paternal hug before sending her off to do her chores.

3. Diaper Girl Taylor has been put into double thick diapers to curb her appetite for masturbation. Clearly it isn’t working, because she finds she just needs to work a little harder to get herself off. Using the magic wand, she turns it on high and presses extra hard to get the necessary action for full orgasm. And don’t tell her Daddy, but the thicker her diapers, the more aroused she becomes. Shhhh…

4. Kaley is wearing a very thick, wet diaper under her short rainbow skirt as she walks around a local park. In this video, she is playing on a bridge that heavily populated by runners and bicyclists. It wouldn’t take much for a wandering eye to notice the extra padding and she isn’t doing much to hide it.

5. Diaper Girl Adriana is wearing an extra messy diaper as she plays on the floor in the living room. She knows she isn’t going to get a diaper change until Daddy gets home, so she keeps peeking out the window to see if he pulls in. I wonder how many people saw her thick diapers as they drove by on the busy street…

6. Diaper girl turned babysitter Kaley takes some time to read you a story. Where the Wild Things Are is one of her favorite books and you can tell by how nicely she reads the story.

7. Taylor falls asleep in her pink maid uniform and thick diaper. She awakens to find herself curled up in Mr. Bear’s lap. Aroused by the thick padding and crinkly plastic between her legs, she decides to take Mr. Bear for a ride. She humps him with all her might until she has an amazing orgasm. Mr. Bear is one lucky SOB. He gets all the diaper girls…

8. Adriana and Mia decide that you belong in diapers. They show you the thick diapers you will soon be wearing and the ruffled plastic pants that will highlight your shame to all of your friends. Even the castor oil that will ensure a very messy diaper when they show everyone what a big baby you really are…

2 comments on “June: Update #3 – Four Diaper Girls

  1. I would like to see more mommy babysitter pov clips. I think there a great idea. I would also like to see you guys get an adult stroller.

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