June: Update #4 – Four Diaper Girls

This week we have nine videos featuring four awesome diaper girls. Enjoy!

1. Ten has been a brat lately, so Dominic needs to teach her a lesson. First, he gives her a good spanking while she is on all fours on the changing table. Then, he gives her a full two quart enema. She struggles to hold it, but manages to take it like a big girl. After her enema, he puts her in a thick disposable diaper, which she fills in only a few minutes.

2. After taking a mini-enema and desperately trying to hold it, Diaper Girl Taylor finally loses her battle and fills her diaper. The mess she makes is dramatic and a rather large lump appears in the seat of her nappy.

3. Diaper Girl Adriana is given a spanking by Dominic, who is tired of her complaints. Then, to teach her a lesson, he gives her a fleet enema and diapers her. It’s only a few minutes before she fills the diaper to the brim.

4. Diaper Slave Kaley is bound, spanked, given an enema and forced to mess her diapers. Then, to really humiliate her, Dominic uses the magic wand to bring to orgasm in her filthy diaper.

5. When Adriana catches Taylor using a dildo to masturbate, she knows the girl needs to be punished. So, she pulls down Taylor’s pants and paddles her ass to a nice shade of red. A spanking alone will not do though, so she removes her panties and puts the poor girl into a thick diaper. Perhaps the extra padding will prevent her from touching herself.

6. Diaper Girl Taylor is wearing a very messy diaper. She has to wait for Daddy to get home to change her though, so she decides to pass the time by coloring.

7. Diaper Girl Adriana talks to the viewers as she thoroughly soaks her diaper, then drops a big load into the seat. Very sexy video for fans of diaper messing.

8. Kaley, thickly diapered at a public park, blows her favorite colored bubbles by the river. She doesn’t have a care in the world if anyone sees her soaked diaper.

9. Adriana gets ready for bed by putting herself in a thick, disposable diaper with lots of powder. Then, she covers up with her favorite footed pajamas.

One comment on “June: Update #4 – Four Diaper Girls

  1. Taylor got num 1 messiest diaper look like the sheets on her it leak a little love to see her cover up in my sheet get all her so she won the messiest diaper this week

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